I got up earlier than usual.  I suppose I could be more specific.  I awake every morning at 6:15 am when the alarm goes off.  I do not always get out of bed.  This morning I got up and out at 6:30ish as I had so much I wanted to do.  I expected one of the two young people in this house to be awake.  Alas no.

The oldest of the young children in the house right now is 13 and I believe we are into that late morning sleep cycle that begins as kid’s age.  Yesterday he was up early.  Today he is more relaxed from travel and sleeping in I think.  His light was even out when I looked at 10:30PM last night.  This child is a night owl with an early rising habit.  I am believing that nature is taking over as more sleep is required to run the ever elongating thinning body that is now taller than the Grandmama.  Actually since I come in at 5’3″ that is no large fete!

The other young child just turned 11 and she too is sleeping in this morning.  Though she really is not an early riser.  She is learning to languish and slowly reach the world not pounce on it.  A beauty is in the creating I believe.

The pouncer arrives tomorrow!  This 8 yr old soon to be 9 in September bounds down the stairs and runs across the family room and jumps on me for a hug.  Or used to do so when he was little.  Now not much is different excepting he walks and gives me hugs then we go to find ‘something for kids Grandmama’ on the TV until he is wide awake.

In the meantime the quiet is welcomed though I have to admit I look forward to the noise as I live quiet most days.

Ahhhhhhhhh and here it is the end of the quiet with a morning hug from the lovely lady – her older brother will probably be along soon as the TV will surely wake him.

AND Let the day begin at almost 8am…………..



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