I have received a number of requests asking where I have been and am I not posting anymore.  Fact is that the discipline ran away and I am trying to re-establish same.  I do so enjoy my morning writing and have had many topics running through my mind.  Many of them are political and I said I would no longer use this as a political organ.  Others had interest and would take time to research and that was what was missing – the time.

Time is ever elusive when you have a list of things to do.  It can simply evaporate if you do not keep to a schedule.  My intentions were no longer on the schedule.  The writing evaporated like time. This past week and last two weekends have been an amazing look at time, values, and not wasting.

The weekend before last and into Monday we had the opportunity to be in the presence of some of the kindest people we know.  Both families are gentle and loving and it is a joy to be with them.  Both happen to be friends of our through our ministry as well as camping.  Both of them have motor homes and we all share the love of ‘camping’ in comfort.  We still have no camper and now after step one has been completed with a new tow vehicle are into step two of finding the right camper for us.  (More specifically the right one on which we can agree.)

One of these visits was spur of the moment.  We knew our friends were in the area and wanted to see their new ‘toy’.   There were so many other things we could have done that Saturday afternoon and instead decided to put this visit first and it was well worth it.  We both were smiling as we left sharing their joy and happiness of their new motor home as well as their kindness and love as a family.  Just super people and we enjoy being in their presence.  Somehow their peacefulness rubs off on us!!!

A week ago Monday we were able to entertain old friends here for dinner.  This family has taken a year off to travel the country with their Motor home and family.  Yes I am admitting to jealousy!  In the meantime seeing them and being with them took planning as they were traveling and in different sites different days.  Emails flew back and forth and a date and time set.  As they were leaving while sad to see them go we were filled with happiness of friendship continued even after not physically seeing each other for over 6 yrs give or take.

This past weekend we were with many couples and priests involved in the same ministry as we are.  These meeting happen only three times a year and this one of the three is only once a year.  To be in the presence of these loving giving people leaves me feeling inadequate as I cannot believe I am worthy to be there.  Yet God has me there so I must learn from that I believe and try to be the best I can.  I must emulate the others in kindness and caring and humility.  Regardless of my own thoughts being with these people buoys me and lifts me up to a happiness that is hard to describe.  I told my husband last night that if I had to rate my feelings about all of this it would be an 11 on a scale of 1-10 and those who know me know I do not speak in superlatives often!

It took time to plan to get to this meeting.  It took time to plan to leave it and go get our grandchildren.  We tried to surprise a dear friend when we were in Missouri and did not succeed.  Perhaps we should have taken time to set it up yet then where is the surprise?  We had only an hour and a half and if the plane was late or we missed it or we could not get our car on time – there were too many variables.  We took time to try to surprise and hopefully that will count till we can make time to plan.

Now this morning I have been busy catching up on the ‘stuff’ that collects when you are away.  The grandchildren are entertaining themselves and sadly not being fed a good breakfast as cold cereal is what is on the menu.   I will be caught up enough soon and we can take time to plan some fun.

It is also time to plan “Grandcamp”.  If that is not planned then the time flies by and we look back at what?  This year we are planning to tie-dye shirts again and swim and go to the Crayola Factory.  Seems we can put some more tings on the one week menu without letting simple play take a backseat.  Taking time to ‘simply play’ and ‘be with’ is important too.


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