Vacation is coming to a close once again and it is time to pack and go.  I look at vacations when we have packed and visited and packed and visited at least a couple of times and wonder where I found the energy.  It takes a lot of work especially here when you have to clean your way out as well as rentals are beginning.  I really should simply let myself pay the wonderful cleaning lady for me.  Do not usually do that – I clean.

Think at some time I would like a totally decadent vacation when all I have to do is sign in and be pampered.  Wait I did have three days of that last Labor Day.  Oh yes what a dream.  Three days is not long enough.  I am talking a couple of weeks where you check in and then food is brought to you and you explore new worlds as you choose.  I understand cruises are like that.  Oh maybe one day.

Until then I pack and go and pack and go and pack an……….


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

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