I was just out for breakfast.  A treat for me as those of you who follow know.  While I love to cook I also love to ‘eat out’ and breakfast is my favorite meal to do that.  Ate a cute cafe that was built as a machine shop and has gone through multiple facelifts since.  I sat there knowing many of the people in the room and not making myself known as I wanted a quiet breakfast with my boyfriend.  I look enough different that no one recognized me and that was okay.  Or if they did they did not speak.  I was happy to leave it at that.  It gave me a different view.

For instance one of the people eating breakfast was an old man.  Now while he looked old and acted old I knew he was only 2 yrs older than I as I knew who he was.  Aging had not been kind to him.  I wondered what had happened in his life to leave him so tired and disheveled looking.  The lady with him as I remember was his wife and she looked the exact same she had in high school except with a fuller face and shorter hair.  It was interesting remaining anonymous, though she looked at me several times she never made a move to speak and I assumed she decided I was not me!

After we took a ride around town to places I have lived and played and simply enjoyed the busyness of my hometown.  There are some places that have changed drastically and others that look exactly the same.  It was a pleasant way to start the day in the cool foggy morning with the seagulls calling.

I pondered the differences in the people and the views.  I pondered the differences in the buildings and roads.  I thought about me.  I am older.  My eye still sees this small town through a lens of love and security.  I think that even though much has changed the emotions evoked in my soul are stronger now than before.  The ties that I have here are no longer tight reins holding me home they are tethers gently keeping me connected.  I can bounce around the world and will never lose sight of ‘home’.

‘Home’ an interesting word that brings to mind much joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, pleasure, panic, peace.  Whatever the word means to you those four letters in that order bring differing views depending on our age, our stage in life, our emotional well being, our health and other variables.

To me this morning ‘home’ meant happiness pure and simple.  Nothing big or huge.  A simple subtle smile of peacefulness met once again for few moments with a different view.


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