The big holiday of the summer is coming and many are making preparations to be away for the week since the 4th is midweek.  This will be a busy travel weekend as well as next of that I am certain.

When you travel do you know your route or check it out or let your GPS lead you?  Do you look around the place you are going to find what the sites are in your vacation destination spot?  How do you do this?  Do you google?  Do you go to the Chambers of Commerce sites? There is a new site that I bet will help you in all ways of your life not just vacations.

Do we not all want to be in the top ten of something?  David Letterman has made a living with his “Top Ten Lists”.  He is not the only one.  Restaurants, hotels, theme parks all hope to be in someone’s Top Ten List.  We used to use a Top Ten List to invite couples to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend.  I think my favorite was, “Reason #4 that you deserve a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is that the last time you and your spouse had a romantic evening out Elvis WAS Still in the building!”

This morning I ran across another 10 list and it got me to thinking about how many there actually may be out in the world.  You cannot imagine how many there actually are.  They have Top 10s of diseases, divorces – a varied lot of Top 10s are available.  Below are the Top Ten Lists that came up when I did a random search using the words ‘top ten lists’.

The list I looked at this morning that precipitated all of this was a Top Ten List of Happiest States.  They were:

1.    Hawaii – (duh)

2.    Colorado

3.    Minnesota

4.    Utah

5.    Vermont

6.    Montana

7.    Nebraska

8.    New   Hampshire

9.    Iowa

10.  Massachusetts

This gives me pause as to my happiness meter.  Am I really happy as I do not live in nor plan to live in any of these states?  Is the state of happiness dependent on the State where you live?  I certainly hope not!!!


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

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