Have I mentioned that I like puzzles?  I do.  I like jigsaw puzzles, brainteasers, crosswords all sorts of puzzles.

Yesterday I tackled another kind of puzzle.  I put together a piece of furniture that had 197 pieces if you count all the screws.  It was a fun project.  It also fits the need for which I purchased it.

In 1990 we moved to North Carolina.  This house had a ‘bonus room’.  Never really understood what it was except to me bonus meant extra and it became an office/library/tv/guest room.  It was above the garage and the same size as the space below.

I had a lot of books even then.  In the house we left at 247 Killock Hill we had a built in bookshelf in the basement.  This house on 221 Kilbreck Dr. had nothing.   Off I went looking for shelves.  They did not have to be fancy as they were simply holding books.  I looked and looked for reasonable simply to hold the books as I was not certain how I was going to use this room in the long run.  I wanted inexpensive spelled CHEAP!

In comes KMart and my first introduction to Sauder put together furniture.  At $29 these bookshelves fit the bill and I could get 6 of them that were 48″ high and would allow me to hang pictures and certificates above them.  Home they came!  The putting together of these puzzles began.

While I did not expect much from these ‘put togethers’ they have lasted through five major moves – from NC to TN to MO x2 to MS to MD – and are still going.  They have four shelves and the top and two sides plus a kick plate – 8 pieces plus the back and assorted screws to assemble. Simple and went together quickly and evidently are quite sturdy!  They serve the purpose still.

I do not shy away from these types of furnishings any longer.  They have also come a long way since the plain brown look like wood material that is in the bookshelves.

I needed a larger cabinet in the bathroom.  The one I am using was the chest of draws for our first baby.  It has four draws is about 36″ tall.  I have painted it and painted and the last go around I stenciled it as well.  It no longer serves the purpose where it sits and I think will do a better job in service at the cottage.

NEED: on piece of furniture for the bathroom that has doors and can hide much and hold everything.

ANSWER:  Country Kitchen Tall Two-Part Four-Door Pantrypantry

It says kitchen and can be used anywhere.  We put one of these together for the kitchen in the cottage and it works well.  I know this ‘put together’ and I know it will work in our bathroom.

Enter the package!  My puzzle for yesterday – 176 assorted screws, cams, clasps and knobs PLUS 21 assorted flat pieces of shelving and doors.  The 197 piece puzzle was fun and indeed will serve the purpose and not take up so much room.  I may actually be able to get into the garden tub (see previous post last summer)!!

As I was constructing the cabinet step by step it occurred to me that much of life is a puzzle to be taken one step at a time.  In the early years it is a pile of multi-colored pieces that need to fit together.  As each piece finds it place a whole picture begins to appear.  Looking back at any point in time you see the past and hopefully still have a lot of pieces yet to go.  Did not spend much time considering this as I had a 197 piece puzzle on my bedroom floor yet to do.  I am certain I will be mulling this for some time.



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