Today started out a little different from others.  I awoke after a good nights sleep.  That in itself is a huge deal.  The day is beautiful and the sun is shining.  The birds are chirping loudly which is okay as I am already awake.  It is cool and the doors and windows are open.  It purports to be a good day.

Then I made the coffee.  This coffee pot has to have everything in exactly the right position to work correctly I have come to understand.  There were grounds in the coffee as the basket had been askew when I closed the cover.  I did not know this could happen and before it was all cleaned up I asked to see what I had done wrong.  I do have my share of troubles with coffee pots it seems.  Did not even know I needed help to make coffee and evidently I do and did.

Asking for help is something I am not very good at doing.  I will try and try and try to do an assigned task or something I want before I ask for help.  I have injured myself with my stubborn actions in thinking I can do it all and do it all by myself.  I have matured (some) and now can ask for help on occasion.

It still is hard for me as I believe I should be able to do everything I want just like I could when I was younger.  The fact is I no longer have the same muscles or stamina or energy or even desire on occasion.  I think the thing that I keep hearing is my dad saying words to the effect that he now had enough money to hire someone to do the jobs he used to have to do himself.  I also hear him saying to my husband as he was writing out checks to pay the bills early on in our marriage, that his wife did that not Dad.  I have been writing out the checks to pay the bills ever since.  Perhaps I could have entitled this ‘wisdom or words from my father’!

The funny part of all of this is that I am honored and thrilled when anyone asks me for my help.  I will do whatever, whenever and however to satisfy their needs.  When I think about my joy in being able to help someone else, I think of my own insensitivity when I am unwilling to let someone else help me.  Am I robbing them of joy?  Oh this is too much to think of on a day when I almost had chunky coffee.

Had I known this was a problem with this coffeemaker I probably would still not have asked for help?  I would have fussed and fumed and cleaned it and started again wondering what happened.   We are creatures of habit are we not?  Yet I am resolving right now out loud here that I will be kind and give others a chance to help me and ask for help if and when I need it.   More wisdom from Dad when he said it takes a big man to ask for help and goodness knows I am a big woman!



One comment on “CHUNKY COFFEE

  1. Good post, only thing I can see (knowing you personally) is the one thing you should do, is wait for the person to ask for help. Not automatically assume your ways and ideas are far superior to what you are witnessing, not a mean comment I hope, just an observation

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