Last year at this time I wrote about red haired people.  Again it is YLCH’s birthday (have a great day YLC) and the longest day of the year and the first day of summer.

‘The Longest Day’ was a really good movie about the D-Day invasion.  Did not realize until I looked it up that it was a movie based on a book.  The author was Cornelius Ryan.  I read that Zanuck paid the author $175,000 for the rights to the book.  This all happened in the 1957-62 range when the movie came out.  Even for that time it seems very cheap for rights.  Things have surely changed.

It also had a huge cast of stars as reported in Wikipedia.

The Longest Day, which was made in black and white, features a large ensemble cast including John WayneKenneth MoreRichard Todd (an actual Normandy veteran), Robert MitchumRichard BurtonSean ConneryHenry FondaRed ButtonsRod SteigerLeo GennPeter LawfordGert FröbeIrina DemickBourvilCurd JürgensRobert WagnerPaul Anka and Arletty. Many of these actors played roles that were virtually cameo appearances.

That is the trivia of the day – well part of it.   My whole blog really is trivia in and of itself.  I do have fun looking up information to support my ideas.

I remember as a kid that the first day of summer really was not a huge deal as we were already out of school for the season.  Other than being a birthday it has not been a big day for me.  As you may recall I like it when it is dark early so the shortest day is a favorite not the longest.

Today will be nothing spectacular.  Simply another Friday.  I plan to have the house all clean for at least 5 minutes today.  I have to run some errands and will do so in our newest vehicle which we acquired last night.  It is a large SUV that can haul 9200# and is clean and the price was right – well reasonable for the value – and it matches the other car as both are white.  This fact is of no importance to anyone except me of course!!!  Driving it will be fun.

There are many reasons we got this vehicle.  We used to have a travel trailer.  We had it for 9 years and pulled it first with an Explorer and then with a truck.  The truck was okay as it had extra seats for others though they were not as comfortable as a car.  We are thinking of another trailer.  Another reason is none of our vehicles would fit more than 4 people comfortably and 2 adults with three growing grandchildren in the back seat is getting tight! Need room for those beautiful kidders!  This SUV will be able to hold our whole family of 9 if the youngest grand sits on his dad’s lap.  Of course it will be tight and not happen.  It is however possible.

About a month ago (or so) at dinner with some friends we were chatting and discovered that they drove a van.  Now I have no idea why this was interesting to me.  Golly have I written about this already?  Is today going to be a long day for me?  As usual I digress.

Vans have not always had the best rap.  They were driven by soccer moms only.  Then I think they were discovered by others.  My dad who drove a large Ford LTD Wagon most of his working life as he was a traveling salesman was one of the first ‘grown-up’ people with no kids that I knew of that bought a van.  Ford was no longer making the LTD and he now in retirement Dad still needed something to haul the golf clubs easily!  There came an occasion when I had to borrow said van and a new appreciation began to grow in me for this type of vehicle.  Not so much derision.

The next was my cousin who now was driving a van instead of a fun car and said when you have grandchildren why not.  Another was a friend who really wanted a sporty convertible and got a van for the same grandchildren reason.  Then when my husband said at dinner with our friends (who drove a van intentionally for carrying many couples) that he was thinking of a van to pull a trailer I know my head almost spun around like Linda Blair’s in the “Exorcist”.

Now let me back up on this first day (another aside so just go with me folks) of summer to say that my husband likes camping.  In fact one of our first purchases as newlyweds was a tent.  That was followed by a 12′ aluminum boat, ‘lil dude’ trailer to carry the boat and 9 hp Johnson motor that we still have and all are still in working order!  Maybe even better working order than the lady of the house!

I was a good sport about said camping.  We went to state parks with this tent and all the other camping equipment; even did river trips for 9 years in a row hauling in and hauling out our belongings in canoes.  We moved south and there was no way I was going camping in these woods with ‘squigglies’.  I do not like anything that crawls on it’s belly in a squiggly motion with no legs.  I am not even typing that dastardly word they use to call these reptiles!  Camping ended for me.  Since we are still a scouting family it did not end for all of us.

We had dreamed of having a trailer for years and in 1999 drove past Tom Raper in Indiana on our normal trek from MO to ME.  There were in this spot of Richmond, Indiana acres of travel options.  We stopped in one day and found the perfect trailer for us.  The “TT” we called it for ‘tiny trailer’.  It had everything we could need and then some.   My husband would sit at the table and spread his arms across the back of the dinette and say, “Now this is camping.”  as he sat inside the trailer that had a bathroom, microwave, stereo and queen size bed.  I threatened for years to take his picture and send it to the 11 young men he helped along the trail to become Eagle Scouts while he was a Scoutmaster.  He took those boys camping in wind and rain and snow in primitive conditions!  We had a lot of relaxation and fun in that trailer.

Once again after a lapse of 6 years having sold the ‘TT’ in 2007 we are looking to spending our leisure time camping.  This time after much thought and looking and ruminating from trailer to C Class to Fifth wheel (Class A bus was never a choice) – all different types of recreational vehicles – we are back to simple travel trailer being pulled by a comfortable SUV not a truck.  Step one was completed last night.  The trailer – now that will take much more looking and thought so maybe next year we will be back on the road on the longest day and first day of summer.

Despite this being the longest day, for us this summer has few free weekends left.  We can spend the next year having fun looking for just the perfect new trailer.  One step at a time.


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