Who creates the norms in our lives?  I am not talking about “Norm” from “Cheers”.  We all know who created him.  In real life I would suggest people like him are created by too much food and beverage and laziness!

The norms I am asking about are the more mundane things in our lives.  Who tells us what to wear and what utensils to use and when to do this or how to do that?  Who sets these rules.  More to that why do we abide by them?

This subject came up over the dinner table in the past few nights.  Why can we not sing at the dinner table?  Why can we not use a spoon for dinner?  How come we can eat some desserts with our hands and others require a fork and plate even if it is the same dessert?  Was George on “Seinfeld” too far out there eating his candy bar with a fork?

These are all questions for the ages.  When did etiquette become the norm?  Emily Post is old and yet these habits came before her well written books on the ‘how tos’ of life.

This morning I have before me a vision of creativity.  The Heir Apparent has decided that a Grateful Dead tie dye red/turquoise/yellow swirl t-shirt is the absolute best topper for a pair of camouflage green tone shorts.  I simply told him I thought that was very clever.  His parental unit suggested it was not appropriate and he hoped he did not go out in public with it.  Immediately this child ran out the front door to stand on the porch in public.  I am certain that he will be asked to change clothes before he goes fishing.

I am also as certain that in my time as a parent that our children had to be dressed appropriately for the occasion – school clothes, church clothes and special occasion outfits.  I do not think I harangued them too much in the off times.  I remember trying to correct our son in his choice of wearing his ‘pacs’ rubber boots to get them on the right feet.  I eventually gave up and prayed he would learn before school which way to wear them.  He did.

The same with our daughter who sucked her fingers while playing with a blanket and sniffing Raggedy Annie’s hair.  We suggested that she stop this at age 2 or 3 to no avail.  I took comfort in the fact that she would not take it to school with her.  She did not.

So who sets the norms?  Certainly not 8 yr old kids who think that if the shirt and shorts are comfortable then why not wear them.  I think I agree and am happy in my purple and red!  You see I am an old lady and according to the poem “Warnings” * we can wear purple with a big red hat that doesn’t go when we reach this age!

Who sets the norms?  I no longer care as I am marching to my own drummer’s beat!!!  Happily it is quite catchy!!!



By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

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