It is that kind of a day.  I can’t seem to get my brain around simply one thing.  It is zip zapping in every which like sparks flying off a sparkler.  I remembered the idea I had for a novel and want to do some research and even maybe start an outline of sorts.  I have to go get my eyes checked as it is time and I need it to renew my license.   I need to have the Dr. sign paperwork as I turned 65 since my last license if I am reading all the information correctly.  I want to finish my ironing.  I want to start some rearranging in the house.  See zip zip zap all over the place!

How do we focus ourselves when outside influences create distractions?  I am not sure.  On some occasions simply making a list helps get me focused.  I can see before me what I want to accomplish and then choose a direction to make the list disappear by completing each task.  That is in theory.  I cannot remember when a list was filled with scratch outs of completion.

The weather outside is getting dark.  There is a big line of thunderstorms coming our way.  I have all the groceries I need.  The generator is ready to go to keep the sump pump running so the basement does not flood.  The washing machine is broken so no need to worry about that and luckily the laundry is washed.  The Father’s Day gifts are purchased and sent.  Still it is zip zip zap in my mind.

Prayer centers me.  Quiet slows me down.  Simply sitting with my eyes closed will do the same.  Shutting off the TV works also.  I’ve done all of these today.  Still zapping away.  Perhaps it is time to make the list and simply start to get through it after the eye doctor and DMV!!!

zip zip zap zip zip zap zip zip zap…..oh focus where art thou???


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

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