Can you name a comedian today that is actually funny without foul language?  I am having trouble even naming a funny man or woman today that has not been around for ages.

I awoke this morning with the idea to change a presentation and make it topical and funnier.  Right now it includes a ‘top ten list’ of funny ideas.  That is so old and so David Letterman.  I wondered who the funny people are today.  Could not think of one.

The firsts that came to mind were Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.  Rednecks, and stupid signs and git’er done simply do not work for the presentation I am revamping.

I am now off on a tangent for funny.  Where are they?  Are there no longer venues for them to perform on TV?  In the ‘olden times’ we had variety show where a comic could get a few minutes.  Now we have “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol” for song and dance what about the funny people?  I know there are comedy clubs that have open mike nights.  Can a comedian make a living today without having a talk show like Leno and the others?  OH – there is a place comedians go!!!

I am still crazy about the old people!  Sure I mean Red Skelton and the people of his era.  I absolutely adored Shelley Berman’s droll humor.  I am also talking about Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld!!!  Are there new people?

A laugh a day is important.  I will have to check into this!!!



2 comments on “NAME A COMEDIAN DAY

  1. Jim Gaffigan (King Baby, Beyond the Pale, Mr. Universe). These are all “no foul language” full-length stand-up comedy routines that you can find on YouTube or Netflix. He will make you howl with laughter for over an hour on each one.

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