Our car is in the shop today – again.  I really hope it gets fixed this time.  The thoughts of getting another car are not positive ones.  I know I have mentioned how much I like this little white wagon.  It really does talk to me.  Yesterday what it was saying was not so great.  There is a bearing (what do I really know) that is going and what a noise.  It was supposedly fixed months ago then came back and fix and here we are again!

The sound is a low slow moaning whine.  It revs up to a whine sounding like a low C.  It just whines and whines and whines.  As we drove over the weekend I was reading a book so could fairly well ignore it yesterday it created much angst.

I was on a fun trip and whine whine whine.  The traffic is thick and slow and whine whine whine.  The time allotted to make the trip is wasting away and I am looking at being late and whine whine whine.  I take the wrong turn and do not realize it and then OH MY whine whine whine I am lost.  The car was making the most horrid noise still whine whine whine.

While one day I could ignore this noise yesterday it just provided the instrument to whip my nerves up to an explosion point.  My nerves were okay in the beginning and with all the interferences and the whining I was boiling.  The feeling was irritable and heavy.  It sounded like the drip drip of a water leak that you cannot find.  My skin was itchy.  My stomach was churning like I had too much coffee.  I was jumpy.  My arms and hands grasping the wheel were taut.  My neck was aching as well as my head.  If I did not know better I would believe I was at the onset of a very bad bout of flu.  I was uncomfortable and revved up as tight as a metal spring.

I stopped and asked directions and discovered and was relieved that I was headed in the right direction.  In that instant I could feel the unwinding begin.  It took a long time to talk myself down from this chaos.  On top of all of it I was angry with myself for allowing the angst to happen.  Gives new meaning to feelings being spontaneous and uncontrollable.  While I could not control my feelings I could control my actions.  Luckily while my voice was a little higher than normal, I did not take out all in my path like an AK 47 which I have been known to do in the past.  We can change our actions.  It took me all afternoon to rev down from the chaos I had allowed to enter my world.  Note I take responsibility for the angst.

I could not believe a noise could create such irritability and it did.  The car is in the shop and I am driving the truck today.  No whine no rev.  I can deal with it!!!


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