I have long been enamored of Andy Andrews and his writing.  “The Traveler’s Gift” is on my list of favorite books.  It is closely followed by “The Lost Coin”.  He takes our history and weaves it into a story with inspirational lessons along the way.

I was in the web surfing the news sites and came across an interview he had with Glenn Beck.  My first thought was “These are strange bedfellows.”  Then I stepped back and thought that both of them are men of faith so maybe not so strange.

Andrews tells Beck that ‘thinking determines the choices and decisions’ that we make.  He contends that we have to have the right thinking.  He says it is what we think about and how we think about it.  He gave the example of Venus de Milo.  She is art and we think of this nude as art and as acceptable.  Playboy on the other hand has nudes that are thought of as pornographic.  It is the thinking that determines our choices and our decisions and our actions.

I found this very interesting as I have focused on making good choices as the most positive way to live.  I am going to have to put some thought into the thinking part of how I actually make these choices.  I have to agree that thought goes into making a good choice or not.  I have included the link so you can see the whole discussion.

How many times have we done something and regretted it and then said, “What was I thinking?”  In fact isn’t there a country song entitled by the same name?

When we look at choosing between two financial choices we use critical thinking do we not?  I simply have not ever given thought to thinking.

A friend of mine refers to negative thinking as ‘stinking thinking’. and of course it is.  It does not bode well for anyone to be stuck in the negative.  That type of thinking wears you down.  It leaves you grumpy and out of sorts.  We can change the way we think as I have said many times this past year by accentuating the positive.

Of course the conversation with Beck went on to referencing the government.  That is not really my focus with this post.  I am betting you are surprised.  I was really noting that Andy Andrews was speaking out yet again and I found what he had to say very wise.

I will be thinking about this for some time to come.  Adjusting our thinking may be the best way to save the world.


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