Two weeks left of this one year challenge to myself.  I am lining up topics and honing in on a direction for this blog.  Still not certain of the changes and do know that there IS a change coming.  Until then I am going to utilize my time this morning as a journal and sending well wishes to some special people.

It is coming around to graduation time again.  This week we ordered supper from The Great Wall Restaurant.  Their flyer says

“Szechuan, Hunan & Cantonese Cuisine

Chinese Food To Take Out & Eat In”

AN ASIDE:  A smile is crossing my face and a chuckle is in my throat. Those who know me and even some of you who have been reading for a long time may look at the previous two sentences and know I will make sense of it at some point.  Yet they are such totally different thoughts!!!

It really does make sense.  You see the owners of the restaurant live across the street from us.  When I call for take out she recognizes my name and says “157 right?”.  I get an extra hello and they always give us a discount.  Their food is so good I am uncomfortable taking the break.  The thing that eases it is I think they do it for all in our subdivision.  The other thing is I take them a large box of goodies, cookies, jams, breads, at Christmas.

I do not even know their names.  They rarely interact with us and are rarely out “playing” or working in the yard except to mow the lawn once a week.  Still we have seen the 2 boys grow up these last 7 years as they come and go from school.  When the food arrived this week it was being delivered by the oldest.  I asked where he was in school now and he said a senior with two more days to go!!!  We chatted briefly about where he was going and the school he was now attending as he had on a shirt with the school logo.  So thus Chinese food and graduations do go together!!!

I got me to thinking about celebrations and remembering that today is my husband’s sister and her husband’s wedding anniversary.  I think it is their 54th.  A few years back we all gathered in Florida for their 50th.  Every year is special for a married couple.  The longest married couple found this year in the US was over 80 years I think.  Anne and Tom have a real shot at that as they are very healthy and take good care of themselves!!  Hope they have a great day.  I remember their 40th well.  We were unable to attend that party as we were in Paris.  We toasted them on that day and will remember them tonight in our prayers.

Another anniversary is coming up next week.  It is the 11th anniversary of some of my dear ‘old’ friends.  I may have mentioned them earlier – certainly I did her as Liz’s birthday card was one of my first posts last June.  She and her husband, Dale, were both childhood friends of each other and me- and still are friends.  As kids they used to fight in school and NEVER dated nor wanted to do so!  As life happens paths are not straight and the winding road led them back to a dinner with another friend which led the two of them to talk and talk and talk and then the wedding invitation arrived.  Could have knocked me over with a feather!!!  Life is good and next weekend they will celebrate their anniversary.  They celebrate their love and lives every day they tell me as they awake thanking each other for their happiness.

No matter what you celebrate – be it a big day or simply the fun of going to get a grandchild for the weekend make it the best day ever!  You have a choice in that!!!



  1. Yes, this is a big month!! Three family birthdays for us, Audrey’s 20th, Finn’s 8th and Jeff’s 48th. Also, Audrey’s graduation tomorrow from SMCC in culinary arts and then on to Johnson and Wales to finish up. AND then Brian’s graduation from SHS June 7th. Oh, that is in June—–oh well, a chance for me to brag!!!!
    Love you lots—- See you over Memorial Day weekend.

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