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I believe our whole country has missed the boat.  While we all were slamming Secretary Clinton for her non caring of the Benghazi incident follow up, those interviewing her missed the most important part of the statement.  She was telling us the truth.  At some point it made a difference.  I would rather have had the panel ask her, “Madam Secretary if ‘AT THIS POINT’ it does not make a difference, when did it?”

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference in August of 2012 when the Ambassador contacted State to tell them that they needed more help?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if Chris Stevens had not been sent to Benghazi under confusing intentions?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on Sept. 11th if the State Department had taken action to help when at 4PM the attack began and we were notified?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on that day at 5PM when the President was notified if he had taken some action?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if he had stayed with it?  The President of the United States was nowhere to be found after 5PM according to most reports.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if the State Department had that day disclosed that they had received an email at 6:07PM from Ansar AL Sharia claiming they were responsible?  This news was not discovered until Oct 24th by Reuters News Agency.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference in the announcement from the White House with Hillary standing next to the President when they blamed a video?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if the commercial to be shown in Libya blaming the video at the cost of $70,000 had not been made?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference when we did not acknowledge the Ambassador of Libya’s apology for the terrorist attack?  Were we not calling them liars?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference on Sept. 14th when at the ceremony receiving the dead that the Secretary of State and President had called it a terrorist attack and not once again blamed the video?  They did call it an act of terror and still did not blame terrorists as if there was a difference?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference if they had been honest before sending out Susan Rice on the Sunday shows on Sept. 15th?

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference had the truth come out during the last Presidential debate on Oct, 10th?  Romney was close and shut down by the moderator.

‘AT THIS POINT’ Would it have made a difference, if the whole truth had been out, on Nov. 6th when America voted for a new President?

From Factcheck.org we find the following information that came out after the attack.


Oct. 24: Reuters reports the White House, Pentagon and other government agencies learned just two hours into the Benghazi attack that Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamic militant group, had “claimed credit” for it. The wire service report was based on three emails from the State Department’s Operations Center. One of the emails said, “Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripol.” The article also noted, “Intelligence experts caution that initial reports from the scene of any attack or disaster are often inaccurate.” (It should be noted that Reuters first reported on Sept. 12 that unnamed U.S. officials believed that Ansar al-Sharia may have been involved.)

Oct. 24: Clinton warns at a press conference that you cannot draw conclusions from the leaked emails because “cherry-picking one story here or one document there” can be misleading. She said, “The independent Accountability Review Board is already hard at work looking at everything — not cherry-picking one story here or one document there — but looking at everything, which I highly recommend as the appropriate approach to something as complex as an attack like this. Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence, and I think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be.”

Oct. 24: Carney, the White House spokesman, says that “within a few hours” of the attack Ansar al-Sharia “claimed that it had not been responsible.” He added, “Neither should be taken as fact — that’s why there’s an investigation underway.”

I believe our Representatives missed the mark at the hearings in January.  They missed the opportunity to ask deeper questions.  It is my hope that as further information comes out we will truly understand the difference it makes.

For me, I am jumping out on a limb and publically stating the obvious to which a few have eluded.  I believe there was a cover-up as the President wanted to win an election.  I believe the information was not forthcoming as Barack Obama and his team worked to keep it under wraps until after November 6th.  I believe it was all political and about the election.  There is another thought.  It is that our current administration is simply inept.  I have written about that as well.

I have long contended in this blog that this administration is as bad as the Nixon crew.  I only hope that the Congress goes after them as strongly as they did Nixon for a simple break in at a hotel.  In Benghazi four of our fellow Americans died.  It is ‘AT THIS POINT’ that it makes a difference.

…..ONWARD TO MORE MISADVENTURE…clinton-benghazi-january-23-2013fists

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