I have spent the majority of these past few months in political confusion.  I could not understand how a video could be blamed for Benghazi.  I could not understand how Americans who want truth and freedom could re-elect Barack Obama.  I could not understand why budgets were not important and other lesser items were.  I was simply confused.

I think the world is going to make a sharp turn to clarity much like it did many years ago.  With all the talk about Benghazi and special sessions of congress and truth I think clarity may be coming out after all.  I have long contended that this mess is akin to Watergate and I think others may be on the verge of agreement.  I am looking forward to these hearings. Maybe it really was the video?

I watched a couple of the news shows off and on yesterday morning.  I was astonished to hear a Democrat Representative from Ma – cannot remember his name maybe Leach or Lynch – say that he did not believe there had been protestors at Benghazi and had no idea why the government spun it that way.  HOLY COW!

I also watched the recent vote in the Senate on gun control under the bill on background checks.  It did not pass.  The current resident of 1600   PA Ave. blamed the Republicans and the NRA.  Not sure how that works since it took Democrats to defeat this bill.  The Republicans do not have control of the Senate so some Democrat Senators had to vote to defeat this bill.  REALLY?


I watched the debate over voter ID after the elections.  I really do not understand this one.  We have to have ID for the Drs., the airports, schools so why not to cast a ballot?  The Democrats believe voters will be disenfranchised?  WOW!


The Republicans and Democrats need to work together.  They need to listen to one another.  It makes no sense to me.  How can the Republicans want voter ID and not want background checks?  How can Democrats want background checks and not voter ID.  It is my belief that our vote is more powerful than our guns.

TRUTH – the kids on facebook use this word often as a game about each other.  TRUTH government we need it now.  It is spring and time to get all the cobwebs out of Washington, D.C.  Rip off the covers and shake out the dust of half truths and side stepping.  We need leaders to stand up to this administration.  We need leaders to sweep the halls of Congress clean on both sides.  It is not too late I believe.  ‘At this point’ it is more important than ever.


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