I decided to let the reader choose the title.  Today is Cinco de Mayo.  Last night we celebrated the Kentucky Derby with Burgoo for supper.  Today for lunch we are going Mexican – chicken enchiladas, tacos, nachos and limeade instead of Margueritas as it is easier and there is a grandchild in residence.  One drink for all is easy.  Should be a fun meal.  We do not celebrate this lesser holidays much excepting for the fun of food!

For history sake I checked Wikipedia.

History of Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla and is not Mexico’s independence day like it widely thought. The Battle of Puebla took place when France was trying to invade Mexico and Napoleon’s 6500 men came against 4000 Mexican men in a bloody battle. Mexico won and that is why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo today.

Puebla celebrates Cinco de Mayo with fiestas, dancing, decorations and food. Women dress in brightly colored dresses, and men wear authentic western clothing to commemorate the holiday. There are parades, Mariachi bands and people dancing in the streets. Cinco de Mayo is a truly a fiesta grande in Puebla and many other Mexican states celebrate it as well, but not to the degree of Puebla.

Aside from all of the above it is a favorite cousin’s birthday.  He is named for my dad and of course a super guy!  When he was learning to write his name Leslie he ended up with Le2lie… this guy and he will ever be Le2 to me!!!  He is a blessed man with a wife who loves him through thick and thin and two great kids who married well and with their spouses gave him 4 terrific grandchildren.  Make your day a great one LE2!!!

AND it is a Sunday.  My first Sunday home in a couple of weeks.  Looking for laziness this day.  After making lunch I think I will pick some lilacs for the table.  It is sunny and cool out.  At church this morning the Shawl Ministry is looking for more shawls so I think I will see what I have for yarn and start something to help.  These are shawls and lap robes so there is versatility for my choice.  I may try to make the baby blanket pattern work for this activity.

And at church this morning the guest priest had a wonderful message.  He related the church to a structurally sound 100 year old house going through refurbishing.  The foundation is firm and the house in confusion due to rework.  He mentioned that the recent changes in the church have brought us back to the foundation of our beliefs.  While this is good for the church it can create some confusion like the dust and mess of refurbishing a house.  I really liked this analogy.

I looked around our congregation.  I know few people there.  We are active in our parish though not as much as we have been in others.  I looked over to see Jacob.  He is an elderly man.  A few years ago when we were speaking about Worldwide Marriage Encounter at church he came over and chatted with us jokingly at first.  Before he left we were aware he had just lost his wife and he would give millions to have her back.  It appeared that he had settled into this new life alone.

I saw the sweet little ethnic lady come back from communion alone.  I have not decided if she is Italian or some other ethnicity.  Italian seems to fit for some reason.  She used to follow her husband up and down the aisle.  Of late she is alone so I pray for her as he is either in a home or passed.

Then there is William alone with his two children, Clare and Louis.  Meghan has had the new baby!  What a busy Sunday morning William had with Louis deciding to be a busy busy boy.  Even the apparent Grandfather could not help.  God Bless them all.

Now I am home to make what I want of this day.  I can see real relaxation on the horizon.  Last night we watched a couple of movies.  One of them has stayed with me and I think will get more thought.  It was “Hope Springs” with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep and Steve Carrell.  It was a movie about marriage.  With our ministry I was interested in how they were going to spin it for the viewing audience.

The movie focused on the mundane of their lives.  The predictable.  The sameness.  It led you to believe it was boring and uninteresting.  From my perspective life is what we make it.  Mundane, predictable, sameness, boring, uninteresting……..some days those can be welcomed gifts.  Perhaps the key is to not take anything for granted.

Today I am voting for a quiet relaxed Sunday.  Our grandson’s mom will come for our Cinco de Mayo lunch then to take him home.  Quiet will then rule this house.  All activities will probably be single as we enjoy our own hobbies.  I may catch another movie as I do needlework.  I may catch a nap.  I am going to enjoy this lazy day.  There is something about a Sunday.



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