It took a long time to get me out of bed this morning.  I just did not want to face the world.  I am certain I am not depressed.  I am certain I am tired, have a list a mile long and not sure which end is up and how to begin.  Some days I think it is okay just to be lazy for a little and listen to the world. I listened.

So all of a sudden I hear a woman’s voice speaking.  I had no idea who it was or why.  Then I realized it was my answering machine and my own voice.  I do not have a phone in my room and love that though I could have answered that a call.  I got up and got going.  The first thing I do is open the curtains to see what kind of a day it is out there.  On occasion I open the door and shout ‘good morning world’.  Today I skipped that part as a pretty day was peering back at me.

It is chilly out there though not what I would consider cold.  Sweater weather as it were.  The harbor looks blue and cold.  The sky, while not summer blue, is a gray blue and I’ll take that.  The tree across the road, that I wish would be removed by nature or whatever means as it is beginning to block our view (it is a perfect Christmas Tree shape)  is swaying in the breeze so there is a small wind blowing.  It is going to be a great spring day.

I grab coffee and drag myself to the computer to continue to work on my goal and list.  What do I write today?  It has been a long time since I have been so lacking in inspiration or ideas.  So I go to facebook to see what is going on in the world of my friends and family.  Before I read that I try to find out who called me by making one phone call and alas it was not she so hopefully whoever it was will call back.  Yet that phone call brought about an invitation to lunch with three little girls ages 4, 2 and 2,  That is something I am really looking forward to doing this day.

On facebook the first post on my wall was from another  young girl, one of my high school aged cousins.  She commented ,  “Woke up before my alarm, heard birds chirping, and saw that it’s a beautiful day! Today WILL be good! :)”  Well golly I thought if she can see wonderfulness 2 hrs ago at 6am before I even got out of bed I best look around and check my own attitude.  I posted the same in the comment box.

Isn’t it in Scripture that ‘a little child shall lead them’?  Today it is the younger ones that are getting me motivated.   I am very grateful.  That is what I will write about today.  I am grateful for my life and not sure there are many other words that can be added, or need to be added, to that one simple sentiment. I am also grateful I was reminded of this blessing.  Thank you Kathleen, the Younger.  Thank you Phoebe, Cassidy and Jolene Sunshine, the three young ladies I am going to have lunch with today!  It is a great day in this neighborhood!!! I have chosen to make it so!!!


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