It seems of late I have been more journal than blog.  Not sure if that is a problem for many, obviously not for me as I am still writing.  A quote I saw on facebook said something about writing until the end.  I wonder if in fact the end might just be Mat 31st?  I am running out of inspiration it appears.

Today is another cold gray day in this neighborhood and that is okay with me as I had a horrible sleep last night.  I am blaming this on the fact that I rearranged the bedroom and the bed is in a different place.  Why do we move to blame so easily?  Just accept the fact that I did not sleep well end of statement.

Blaming others has come to a new high in the current administration in Washington and probably why I am so bored writing about them of late.  They are blatantly crooked and lie and cover up.  The likes of which has not been seen since the Nixon years.  They have covered up Benghazi which we knew last fall and is finally coming out.  They are openly racist – I give you Professor Gates and Trayvon , a child who could have been the son.   Trayvon was supposedly ad innocent.  There was no claim of paternity over the three boys who killed a white college student that same day.  I am probably not supposed to be saying all this things openly.  Many think them.  I am tired of being lectured to by a President who does not respect his country.

In fact he wants to transform it.  Frankly Barack, I do not want to be transformed.  Unless you can miraculously remove 100# from my frame without pain.  I want this country to grow into the dream it started out to be.  The home of the brave.  A place where everyone who worked hard could become wealthy or at least able to provide for their families through their efforts.  Not the place welfare recipients go so they do not have to work for a living.  America was a place where neighbor looked out for one another not a place where neighbors had their hands out for all the free stuff the government provided.

I have come to the realization that for the next 3+ years nothing is going to change under the current resident of the White House.   Grid lock will be good for the country as like the medical profession it will, ‘do no harm’.  This leaves me little to rant about if I am becoming oblivious to this corruption.

I search for the highlights of this day in history.  April 25th Ginger Rogers died in 1995.  Ella Fitzgerald was born in 1917.  Interesting to think there are people living now who have no idea who these people are.  Ginger Rogers was one of the most elegant dancers I have ever seen grace the movie screen as well as a beautiful woman.  Ella Fitzgerald sang Jazz and I believe I can say invented the ‘scat’ form of singing Jazz.  Great voice!

In 1859 ground was broken for the Suez Canal.  In 1990 far away from earth in space a telescope was put into orbit.  ‘Robinson Crusoe’ was published in 1719 and in 1947 Truman inaugurated the White House bowling alley.  Today was not actually a stellar day of history though interesting.

Since it is not a stellar day of weather here I will see what I can do to at least make this day interesting.  Apologies…




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