While there are those who will argue, I am not competitive anymore.  I used to be and loved to win.  Today I just enjoy the game.  I am competitive with myself.  I see how many shirts I can iron in an hour.  I count how many steps it takes to get somewhere or do something.  This is seeming familiar so I am thinking I wrote about this before.  I try to best myself in many ways.  One feat I have not ever been able to conquer is the time it takes me to get from home to the cottage.  I seems it is 12 hrs no matter how I drive it.

Yesterday I did it in 10 hours 45 minutes including the required milk and egg stop for breakfast this morning.  Next time I will pack them and save 15 minutes!!!

I posted this on facebook only to realize in the busyness of last week I had not told ‘the daughters’ I was traveling.   Among the comments I received for this post was one from a classmate who drives this same trip at least once a year from Virginia.  That is the difference – he does not realize how much that extra time takes!!!  His comment was simply referring to staying within the speed limit!  I think it would have been fair of him to add the words ‘spoiler alert’!!!  The kids, when asked about speed, usually answer ‘they are going with the flow of traffic’.  That is what I did as well.  Of course there were the times that I was at the head of the pack.   I said I would now have to go to confession.  Father forgive me I did speed.  The thing is I will do that!

When I began the trip my GPS who we call ‘IDA – Instructional Directional Assistant’,  said I would be at my destination at 7:50.  I could not believe it as I took off at 10AM.  I was not going to do another early ‘o dark thirty’ start.  It also was a Sunday and no construction and less traffic though it was a beautiful spring day so traffic was still heavy in spots and we had the ‘gawker’ slow downs.  I planned to stop on the way at a hotel as I did not think I would have enough stamina to make the whole way.

I was surprised at the energy I had.  The night before had not been a great night’s sleep.  The Fri and Sat had been busy as we had to lead a meeting for our ministry.  Not only lead we had had to plan it prior.  Busy week.  Perhaps that fueled my energy as it was completed and we thought we did okay.  I had 2 cups of coffee despite really not supposing to drink caffeine much anymore.  I had a packed lunch and a couple of breakfast bars.  I was fortified.

I enjoy reading the bumper stickers on cars.  The hybrid covered with coexist and peace and Obama stickers says a lot about the driver.  Saw a license in Maine that had the letter iloveyou.  Found that interesting.  Hope she really did love everyone who read it.   There was the scout vehicle that was covered with cub and boy scout stickers and the faith filled car with faith based stickers.  Then there was the car full of George Bush GB stickers and other republican leaning stickers.  I wanted to salute this guy as he had a tough road I was sure with a license plate from Vermont!!!

I was surprised to pay even more at the tolls in New Jersey.  It seems again that Gov. Christie has raised them yet another fifty cents.  They are better than the days of the “oranges” when we paid twenty five cents every few miles.  I was honored to drive through Massachusetts and see all the small roadside traffic signs saying, “We are all one Boston, Thank you”.

I rarely drive through Haverhill MA. that I do not think of my cousins The Webb Family.  We spent a Thanksgiving with them one year.  I got to go to a school dance at another high school which was kind of neat.  My great uncle, the Webb’s Grandfather, Roy Wilson, said the grace for dinner.  I believe he blessed everything in the whole wide world and finally the food which was not as hot as it could have been when we ate it!!  The Webb’s mom is my dad’s only cousin.  They kept in touch and we the youngers not so much though I am back in touch with the cousin my age and one of the brothers and I love that!!!

I stopped to walk to the ladies 3 hrs in and did not get gas as the line was a mile long. I paid 20 cents more per gallon at the next stop in Sturbridge MA.  Got the coupon book for discount hotels for my stop that night as planned.  Next stopped at the Visitor Center just after the Kittery bridge in Maine.  Asked quickly about construction to MDI and they said clear sailing.  I told them my GPS said it would be 3.5 hrs. They argued that it was at least 4hrs – 1hr to Portland/2 to August/3 to Bangor then another hour.  I said okay and that my GPS did not agree.

As I got in the car I looked again.  It was 5PM.  I did not feel too bad and thought I could go a lot further. To check into a hotel and get a room then go to supper would take time.  So I made a deal with the car.  I let it make the decision. This car is the favorite car I have ever had.  I bought it myself well with ‘our’ funds.  By that I mean I did all the research and got the guy down to $500 above internet price and picked it up myself as Bill was in Houston.  I am certain I wrote about this previously as well.

It is a white wagon of the brand I have been driving since 1982.  I know I told you when I was a kid I loved that this make was the only one with a windshield wiper on the back window.  Now most makes do!!! This vehicle was a someday dream.  Someday began in 1982 and has me in the seat of a Volvo X70 Cross Country that is 12 years old with 135,000 miles on it.  My husband now rents a car to take long trips to save the car.  Me – I want to be behind the wheel of my Volvo tank.  I feel invincible there.  It runs like a top and I hope will forever.  Our mechanic says it still smells new.  He hasn’t been in it after three grandchildren!!!

I let the car decide.  The cruise control had been wishy-washy on the way up.  It worked then did not.  I said to my vehicle friend “If your cruise control works, cause my knee is hurting, we will go all the way.  If not I will stop in Portland.” I got on the road again and hit the cruise and in it went.  Lady Vehicle responded with an affirmative “I’ve got this! Relax your leg!”  Did I say I arrived at 8:45PM?

Hitting the showers then off to see my folks.  I honked very loudly last night when I went by though am certain they did not know it was me as I was not to arrive until much later today!!!  Hoping this will be a good surprise.


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