I have been watching the news like the rest of the world has this past week.  I did make a point not to let myself get inundated with it.  By that I simply mean I turned it off occasionally.  In the 24 hr news cycle of the day we can become very jaded by watching news all the time.

I saw the horror as the reporters were on scene first thing on Monday.  I could not believe my eyes.  I lived in Boston and know much of that area.  I enjoyed walking and shopping there.  Note not necessarily buying.  I was a lowly secretary and barely made rent and food.

Boston is a fun town and very diverse.  When I lived there in 1968 I had two girls across the way one from India and one from Panama.  The guys upstairs were from Iran.  I did not know much of their culture and now understand why they rarely spoke to me other than the occasional hello.  The guy downstairs was from Illinois.  My two roommates were from Massachusetts.  I did not give terror or fear a thought.  I was naive and friendly and believed everyone else would be the same.  We lived in a secure building key to get in the door and key to get in the apartment.

It appears from what I have heard that these two boys were similar.  No large warning signs that they could commit such a heinous act.  Makes me wonder has the world gone mad?

This past weekend I was with a group of very dear people as my husband and I worked further with the ministry we have given 25 years to foster in this world.  On Friday evenings we enjoy a social time.  The conversation was centered at the time around, “Did they get him?”  The second bomber was supposedly cornered in Watertown, MA.  His brother was dead.  We were all discussing the current events.

I heard this one sweet lady say, “I prayed for him.”  I stopped in my tracks.  I thought about what she said.  I went to her and said, “How kind of you to do that I am not sure I could.”  She replied that despite what he had done he was someone’s child.  He had a mother and a father.  What she did and what she said has stayed with me all weekend and I am certain will for a few days to come.  I thought this friend was pretty special and now I am thinking Sainthood!!!

I am not so certain I could have those feelings immediately yet are we not called to do that in the Christian faith?  Turn the other cheek?  Pray for those who persecute you?  When one of our kids does something what is the first thing we say?  You are grounded? Go to your room?  Maybe there is a better way?

I am certain the mother of these two young men is disappointed maybe even horrified by what they have done.  Not sure of this, yet being a Christian mother I would be.  Our children can disappoint us.  Our children can often make mistakes.  They make poor choices – certainly not on this level – still poor choices.  Can we forgive and move on?  Perhaps this is the toughest part of being a parent isn’t it?  There also have to be consequences for some thing of course I understand that.  Yet don’t some parents throw the baby out with the bath water to use a phrase?

In the end I think I will try to emulate my friend.  I can see the mistake and am called to pray for those who have done wrong.  Even the simplest wrong doing by even our own perfect children.  It occurs to me as I sum up that this may be the difference of a parent and a grandparent.  If a parent used the grandparents lens to look at things, the children might be reprimanded though not quite so harshly while yet still learning right from wrong?  Maybe that would be a good thing???



2 comments on ““I PRAYED FOR HIM”

  1. I have to say, Kathy, as more info has come to light about him, I have said a prayer (several, actually) for him. Before I heard his uncle say the same thing, I wondered if it was a case of little brother looking up to big brother and following blindly because of just that scenario. Then I heard their father had gone back to Russia a few years ago. From what I’ve heard of the culture, when dad is not around for whatever reason, the oldest male in the family takes over as “the man of the house”. That means dad left when the younger brother was about 16…..who else to look to for guidance than your 7 years older brother? I really feel he was lead by the older brother and I hope is is shown some mercy. Finally, to be perfectly honest, I’m sure I would not feel this way at all, if it was a loved one of mine hurt or killed.


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