General Expectations Received Delightedly

Gorgeous Exciting Redhead Discussing

Grave Evocations Resounding Dismally

Great Excitement Retirement Determined

Good Elementary Readiness Developed

Give Extremely Rare Diamond

Googled Every Real Dinosaur

Get Equal Rest Daily

Greet Every Resourceful Day

OR simply what it is…..

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

…..and the E is not even its own word only part of the whole.

I have been seeing a doctor off and on for the last few months as I thought I had allergies or something.  I surely had symptoms.  Well after all the specialists and MRIs and MREs and ultrasounds and Cat scans and blood work – I am thinking they went a lot over and beyond – I have been diagnosed with GERD.

It seems so trivial and common place after all the tests I have had.  I will take it as easier to deal with than many things I envisioned.

I now have to give up all the favorite foods I enjoy – milk, cheese, tomatoes.  Never again a Bloody Mary!  OH HOW WILL I SURVIVE!!!  Truth be told I have not had one in a couple of years.  Still the thought that I can never again……..well………

So I will give this all a go and see how it works.  There are some pills I am taking at this point.  I do have to admit that my voice sounds better.  Who would have thought that voice and coughing and mucus had anything to do with acid reflux?  Oh well I am learning a new way to live yet again.  I am thinking this is something I can overcome and deal with.

The answer seems obvious – eat right and feel good or eat wrong and have heartburn, sore throat and coughing.  I am certain I will choose the right way yet chocolate is on the not so good list ……..hmmmmmmmmmmmm…


By ktsquared Posted in Trivia

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