This morning I decided to see what was new with the capture of the kids – they were kids – that planted the bombs in Boston.  I went to:

The Drudge Report.

NRA: Obama ‘bit off more than he can chew’…
Dozens of Oklahoma dentist’s patients test positive for hepatitis…

REPORT: Detroit Police Dumping Homeless Outside City…

China warns of human bird flu transfer…

Mysterious Illness Sickens 120 Students, Teachers at PA School…

US Tourist Faces Jail in Turkey for Collecting Beach ‘Stones’…

Texas Rocked By Fertilizer Plant Explosion…
Dozens feared dead…
Why was blast so enormous?
Details Emerge About Ricin Letter Suspect: ‘I’m on the Hidden Front Lines of a Secret War’…
Britain, France claim Syria used chemical arms…

Iran triples installation of uranium enrichment centrifuges…

Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun On MCDONALD’S Customer In Slow Drive-Thru Lane…

Huffington Post

Boston Bomb Suspect Named

Obama Briefed On Boston Manhunt

GOP ‘Minority Outreach’ Crumbles

Pakistan’s Former President Arrested

More World

Bahrain Grand Prix.. Iceland Incest App.. Warsaw Ghetto Tale.. Child Rape.. MI6 Safehouse?

Dozens Killed In Suicide Attack At Baghdad Cafe

Busch Beer Heir Deals NRA Serious Blow

Ricin Letter Suspect Is Mentally Ill, Ex-Wife Says

Robin Hospitalized.. Sharpton vs. King.. CNN: ‘We F—ed Up’.. Curry Shocker.. More Arrests

I went to the New York Times to get their headlines and when I went to sign in there was a picture of three people overlooking the sand and sea dressed in clothing I would ascribe to the native dress of Saudi   Arabia or maybe India?  Their headlines included the bombing information, the Texas explosion and the defeat of the gun control legislation.

Perhaps today I will simply go back to bed?  NO! NO! NO!  I will not give away my joy!  I will find happiness this day.  I will hug someone dear or call someone or write someone.  I will not let the news trod on my life anymore than necessary to stay current.  Today I will choose to be happy.  Thank you Anne Frank.


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