I got up this morning and the sky looked weird.  Of course I was not up at the crack of dawn.  Those days are long gone and usually only seen if I had been up all night.  The sky looked not bright yet not overcast.  It was like someone was holding a light behind a curtain and that was the light.  I know rain is forecast for the day so assumed it was about to arrive.  I now can see drops on the windows so my shopping will be in the rain – yuck!  ‘Shoulda’ gone yesterday!

I like most of you have been watching the news of the bombing in Boston.  My heart aches for those who died especially for the little boy Martin who is all over the news with his sign for Peace.  My prayer is that he knows the ultimate peace now – the peace of Christ.  Then again if he is not a Christian the peace his faith promises.

The mixed messages we get from an ever evolving investigation have been frustrating me some.  While I am not sure I want it to change, the 24 hour news cycle can get in the way of real information.  It also can help as the word gets out to encourage everyone that has information and/or pictures to bring them forward as it might help. Pictures are important.  In the book, “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo” wasn’t it a picture she found that solved the case?

It still is confusing.  They had a suspect.  They didn’t have a suspect.  They now have two maybe?  It is a tan backpack the picture shows.  They have black back pack material that has been sent to the FBI for scrutiny.  Look, we all have seen the CSI shows and heard the head Medical Examiner say let the evidence tell us.  While it is important to be current in the news cycles lets not make up news.  Let the evidence show us.

On another moment of mixed messages.  Our current President refused to call this a terror attack.  Really???  A bomb by any means is an act of terror is it not?  How many times were kids accused of ‘terrorizing their friends’ with cherry bombs.  Please let us call it what it is.  A bomb went off in Boston. If it was not a public works problem, it is a terror attack.  Now the other side is we actually do not know from where this attack came.  The evidence will tell us.

Mixed message #3.  Quote from yesterday’s newswires……..

“All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington. But this effort is not over. I want to make it clear to the American people: We can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence so long as the American people don’t give up on them.” -President Obama speaks about the background check plan defeated in the Senate

The mixed message here is if it is okay to do a background check on guns why is it not okay to have photo id to vote?

Mixed messages about guns is really in the forefront as well.  Guns plural did not kill children in Newtown a crazy man did.  The weapons he used were legally obtained.  Guns did not kill people in Boston this week.  It was a bomb.  Guns did not kill the people of Waco today.  That was an accident.

Lastly the mixed message of killing children.  All over facebook are notices about how sad it is that our children are being killed.  The women’s groups are all out with their causes as well.  I have often wondered where the rights of girl babies are when they are aborted?  The fact is more children have been killed by abortion, which is legal, than by any bombs or guns.  How does this make sense?  How can we justify this killing?

More mixed messages of the week include the protocol of sending a contingent to the funeral of Hugo Chavez and we sent no one to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher who in her term in office was a great friend to America?

We are told not to politicize tragedies and in is first speech about Boston BHO said:

“I’ve updated leaders of Congress in both parties, and we reaffirmed that on days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats — we are Americans, united in concern for our fellow citizens.”

I am not being picky here.  When I hear the words Congress I do not hear both parties.  I hear a whole.  Why did he not simply say we that he updated congress and all share concern?

The current President also said we would get to the bottom of Benghazi and then did little to help in the investigation.  He promised the victims of Sandy that all would be well and they would get “immediate” attention after the event which was just before the election.  He told Newtown families:

“We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

He is a President not King and cannot guarantee anything.  We have a governmental process.  If the words were meant for inspiration then they have been proven to be like a metal trashcan.  Solid on the outside and hollow on the inside.  So as to his words, which are generally mixed messages I say,  “What difference, at this point, does it make?” to quote Hillary Clinton.

What I know is that the truth of Benghazi will come out.  England will forgive our breach of protocol.  There will be another election in 2016.  AND I know Boston.  I lived there.  I know all that can be done will be done.  The American people once again are leading the way not the leadership.  The American people sang at the Bruins game.  The American people played “Sweet Caroline” at the Yankees game.  The American people will persevere and be stronger.


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