I am teaching our granddaughter how to knot.  We started last summer at Grandcamp.  When she visited over Easter she picked it back up with renewed vigor.  I believe that few months break helped.  She now seemed to have the desire to learn.

Learn she did.  When she left she had a bunch more rows on her needle and seemed to understand the concept of “into the stitch, over the needle, through the stitch and off”.  I hope she enjoys a few rows and then brings it back as I did not show her how to finish and I am not sure her mother remembers either.

I tried to teach her mother and she was not too interested.  Se did pick up crochet some and can sew if she needs to or if her machine works.  She has a habit of not doing well with machines.  We have replaced at least three hand mixers and she has two sewing machines that need some repair to work.  Her talents lie in other areas.

I taught our goddaughter how to knit as well and then she was so interested she took a knitting class.  Not sure what she is doing with it now.  I know she has a bunch of yarn and does believe it to be a great hobby.

Many celebrities are knitters.  Debra Messing, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracey Ullman are a few.  Ullman even has a book she co-wrote called ‘Knit 2 Together’. Catherine Zeta Jones is also a knitter and it was reported she taught Antonio Banderas, her Zorro co-star, how to knit when he was recovering from an injury.

I thought I knew most there is to know about knitting.  I can do the cable stitches and use 4 needles at once. I can knit on a circular needle.  I’ve made all wool ski sweaters for our family.  I even knit myself a coat one winter.  I’ve made afghans and scarves and tons of mittens.

On facebook the other day there was this item about a knitting belt.  I had not ever heard of it.   It is a belt that has a leather sort of buckle that has holes in it.  Presumably the needles go in the belt when you are not using them while using 4 needles.  There was an explanation with the link and I will let their explanation take the place of any I cold offer.

I love it when I learn something new.  I did a couple of days ago about knitting and I pass it along to you.  Then again perhaps you are already are smarter than I.


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One comment on “KNITTING

  1. Your mother taught me to knit when I was about 8 years old. I can remember how I had the yarn so tight I could barely get my needle through!! I am still knitting mostly hats and mittens for school kids. I have just finished the third afghan for the third graduating grandchild. Won’t have to start another one for a year. I can’t think of a more enjoyable past time except reading.

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