All of us who live in this subdivision got a notice from our homeowner’s association that the golf course that is associated with our subdivision is for sale.  There is a preview of the property today and it appears it is going for a bid or offers not sale price.  It is closed until the sale I understand.  It makes a nice walking path in the meantime for many of the neighbors.

This is not an issue for us as we do not belong.  We looked into it and it was more expensive than we golfed.  If we wanted to golf we would go for the day rate.  I think in 6 years it has happened only a couple of times.

My Dad was a great golfer.  He golfed right up until he was 89/90.  He is going to be 92 in August.  He won Seniors Championships in his 80s.  My sister is an avid golfer.  She is/was (?) in a women’s league and she and her husband golf whenever they can in the summer.  I have clubs and enjoy the occasional game which sadly does not make me good as golf takes consistency to improve.

For me it is like the card game Bridge.  When I was in college we had to line up for dinner and it was through a lounge to the cafeteria and inevitably someone would be arguing over that card game.  Golf is too stressful as good players do not want to play with ‘duffers’ and ‘duffers’ do not want the competition only enjoyment.

In my hometown growing up golf was a big deal.  Most of the guys in my class were ‘caddies’ for their summer jobs.  For those who do not golf this is a guy who carries the bag for the golfer.  As electric bag carts came in ‘caddies’ became fewer.  Many golf courses require golf carts to keep the game moving so again no ‘caddies’.  One of the few places I see caddies anymore are in the televised tournaments.

These guys ate, slept and lived golf.   When they were not acting as a ‘caddie’ they were using the course themselves.  They were also good!  One of them grew up to actually be a golf pro.  Another classmate in retirement works for a golf shop I believe part time.  I wonder if they were younger would they get together to buy this course???  Well some of them have children so perhaps the kids could find partners and save our golf course???

If I were younger I might think about it.  The first thing I would do is give all the residents a cut rate to the course.  A Free membership for the first year to those who buy a house in the subdivision.  I then would go to all the subdivisions around and offer a cut rate.  I would not make carts mandatory.  Many people like golf for the exercise.  I would offer league play during the day for retirees as well as in the evening like the “Twilight League” my dad played for years.  It amazes me that the little 9 hole course in my hometown thrives in summers only and this extensive course that is used year round cannot?

When I was younger we did complete a proposal for a business with friends of ours.  The garbage business in our town was going out to bid.  Three couples decided that it would be a great idea to become garbage collectors.  We did all the work of investigating partnership agreements, garbage truck costs and employment issues.  We spent lots of evenings setting up the bid.  We ended up having the most expensive offer and of course did not get the job.  It was a fun experience and it was interesting to think about actually driving the truck.  The women were going to be full participants.  When we lost the bid I had to admit there was a small relief despite the fact that I had intended to be in the office not the truck and there might have been times I would have had to drive it!  The one good thing is we took the shot!  We tried! We participated!

I hear part of living is showing up.  Hoping someone shows up to buy this course.  Perhaps they will read this post and give us a lifetime Membership.  Nothing to lose there – we do not golf much!!!




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