I opened up my computer and voila there was a pinned sticky note from our granddaughter on my screen.  It told me she loved me and could not wait to get back to see me in the ‘sumer’.  She is an A student and it was vacation after all!  She posted it before she left and you know I will leave that note up for a long time as a visible hug.

I love it when I get a note for no reason or a note out of the blue.  As we work in our ministry occasionally we will get thank you notes from couples who have attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter when we have participated.  The favorite note along that vein was the one from the couple who told us they were on the verge of divorce, which we did not know, and had changed their minds to work harder on their marriage.  That was a GREAT note.

One of my girlfriend’s mothers used to send congratulatory notes to us all when we had reached a milestone and sometimes for no reason except to share.  The end of September or first of October each year she would send us copies of our first day of school photos.  They would be in her stationary envelopes that had her return address imprinted on the back in blue!  To this day I have some of that stationary from the same company with my name in blue on it.  The only difference is my paper is ivory.

I send notes for no reason as well.  Lots of times now they can be emails or tweets.  My cousin is a budding chef so when she was in a competition I sent her a tweet.  I only hope she got it as I am a novice at that.  Facebook is fun for this sort of thing as you can ad a short ‘atta boy’ in the comment section of many posts.

It simply warms the heart to be thought of in this way.  On Sunday we had a meeting that had the potential of being a disaster if not directed in the right positive direction.  I had determined that my input into the meeting was going to be as upbeat and positive as I could possibly make it.  When it was ended and I thought we all came to a great conclusion I was told that I had the gift of gab and I took it, as it was meant, as a compliment.  I believed I was being told that I succeeded in directing our conversation in a positive manner along with some small inclusive chatting about the situation.  That is what I bring to my notes – just chatting and hello.

I got a facebook ‘message’ a couple of days ago from a sweet daughter of a friend and it was timed perfectly unknown to her.  It lifted my spirits and let me look anew at the day.  She had no ideas.  She was just getting in touch with me to find out my plans.

I receive comments on my blog posts and consider them notes too.  I do not answer many, sorry.  It is nice to let the writer’s words be their own with no input from me.  The other thing is I am usually posting checking and running on to complete something else on my list.  I love all the comments/notes especially those from people I do not know.

I used to put notes on the kids napkins when they took lunch until I was told to stop.  Occasionally when my husband was traveling he could find a note or card in his luggage.  It simply was a hug in paper form.

I may write a note for nothing today.  Actually it is the birthday of three friends and of course I did not get a card out.  AHAH a note on each facebook page!!!


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