As you know usually I like Mondays. This one has dawned with a bright sun after a pink tinged sunrise.  Now does pink tinge mean I must be worried about weather or not???  The house is horridly quiet.  I cannot anticipate little shuffles coming in to give me hugs this morning.  When I had my desk on the adjoining wall our youngest used to be able to make and end run across the family room and jump in my lap and hug.   I moved the desk.  He was getting so big the chair would occasionally tilt after 25′ run!!!  They all still come in around the corner and hug ‘The Grandmama’ before they sit to watch ‘kid’s shows’ for a bit to wake up.  It is quiet today!  That is okay.

I am disconnected from the list of to-dos that must be completed by the end of the week.  The list is long the task not all so easy and the time finite.  I will do what I can with the time I have and accept as best I can any failure.  That is okay.

I have not been successful in my try to keep my posts to under 500 words I noticed recently.  I will give it an effort again.  I have a sneaky suspicion that today’s post may be the first of this next trial.  That is okay.

The house is in a state of total ‘uncleanliness’.  Again I will make a list – a very long one – and do what I can.  In fact if I plow through the paperwork on this desk I bet I can find a list I made a few months ago that will have all the same to do jobs on it.  Those were not complete as I am betting there are no scratch offs on that list.  That is okay.

I have a ton of emails to clean up on the computer.  I have a few that I must create for publication next Monday and of course I have the blog to write for the next 53 days.  OH my that is a shocker.  It is only 53 days more.  It seemed such a hard task when I was looking at 365 days.  I may just make this one goal.  I wonder what it will be like in 54 days.  It appears I spend too much time on the computer.  That is okay.

I have a dentist appointment later this morning.  It is to review what we have done so far to fix a pain I am still living with.  It is my least favorite kind of appointment.  I will survive this yet again.  That is okay.

After this appointment I can focus on the festivities of tomorrow.  We are going to quietly celebrate my husband’s birthday.  I will go shopping this afternoon to find something I think he might like.  He is a man of few needs and lesser wants.  One could say he has everything as he has me.  The laugh would circulate the world.  It will be fun to focus on the dinner as it is not his regular choice.  Instead of the normal Risotto con Pollo alla Piedmontese (that is chicken and rice in a tomato sauce for us) he wants stuffed pork chops with gravy.  It is the stuffing and gravy that he wants – the pork simply houses it all.  That is okay!

It is a random Monday morning.  It will not be the lazy day I enjoy and yet it will be a good day.  In the end isn’t it what we make of our day, our life, and our loves that is important?  It is our choice.  If doing what I can is not enough then so be it.  That is okay.



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