I have made a number of costumes in my life for children and even myself.  I thought I was out of the business until this week when the plea was, “Grandmama I need a costume.  I am going to be Max the Grinch’s dog in Suessical the Musical for my school choir.”  Said with sweet beautiful brown pleading eyes!  Of course I bought the necessary pattern thread, cloth and zipper and away we go again!

As I was cutting out the pattern this week I was wondering how many of these things I had made.  I can count at least three of the same pattern.  I made one for our son for Halloween when he was almost 2.  It was a tiger fabric and of course small.  I have pictures of many children taken in that same costume as we shared it along the way.  In the 70s and 80s there were no elaborate costumes in big box stores for this holiday like there are now.  No Disney store to purchase the favorite character outfit either.

My sister, Paula, was the best at it.  She made detailed costumes for here children.  They were prize winners for sure.  I used to just put stuff together usually except for this one all one piece pattern that I have made and remade in various sizes.  Our daughter had one in her early 20s for a costume party.  I am thinking she did most of that sewing with some help.  Here I am again re-buying the same pattern in yet another size.  Have I mentioned I do not mind continuity?

I do dislike the changes in prices and what manufacturers believe are improvements to their product.  Years ago when you bought a pattern you bought a specific size.  Now you buy a range and the pattern has three or more sizes on the one piece of tissue and you cut to which you choose.  Now this is the dilemma.  Do you cut the size you want and thus cutting off the tissue OR cut under the tissue and hope you get close to the size you want leaving the others attached to the paper?  I know it is a cost cutting advantage to the company yet it is a pain in the neck for the seamstress!!!  Today I sew and perhaps tomorrow I can add a picture of “Miss Max” to this post!

As I was cutting and mulling I thought of all the costumes I have seen in my life.  My folks used to go to a ball each year and Mom made glorious dresses.  On of my favorites was a navy corduroy weskit jacket with a blue green plaid skirt!  I remember borrowing a gown from another lady in town, who attended the same ball as Momma, for a play.  This dress was a green elaborate affair much like Scarlett O’Hara’s in “Gone with the Wind”.  I borrowed another dress from my cousin for another school play that was a peach satin affair that she had worn as a bridesmaid for a friend.

I loved playing ‘dress up’ as a kid.  We had some fun clothes in which to play at our house.  When our kids were small I kept our oak deacons seat bench cavity filled with fun clothes for them.  It was cute to see them in the hats and shoes.

People rarely ‘dress up’ today.  I remember going to the theater in St.   Louis years ago for a Sunday Matinee of “Phantom”.  Our son and my husband had on shirts ties and jackets and our daughter and I dressed of course in heels and such.  It was a very warm day so the coats did not stay on long.  Regardless when we entered the Fox Theater and took our seats in the first balcony second row we were soon greeted by a young woman sitting in front of us in a tank top and cut off jeans.  Times were indeed achangin!

Even weddings today are attended in various states of what I would call business casual.  Maybe no tie or flats for the ladies instead of heels.  Jeans are the norm many places and when I was ‘growing up’ we could only wear them to ‘play’.  They did not go anywhere else let alone school, church, weddings or theater.

I am not sure which is better.  I have often said I would rather a person be in church in work clothes and grubby than not be there at all.  My father rants about not giving God the proper attire and attention.  It is a dilemma and one I am not going to solve in these few unimportant words.  The important thing today is to sew the costume for Max the Dog and once again get one of those delicious hugs only grandchildren can give.  By the way I have three great huggers on my team!!!




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