It is now April 2nd.  We are beginning the fourth month of the year.  The year has only 12 months so am I correct in saying the year is a quarter gone?  Time flies!  Oh we need to make the best of it do we not.  We need to do what pleases us without of curse harming others or destroying ourselves in the process!!!  Still we need to feed our joy and live up to what God has planned for us.  Isn’t that part of the Easter message?  He gave His life so we could have ours in abundance if we follow Him?

All that said and done I am so frustrated with some things in our world today.  We have an administration that is taking us to the poor house with a smile on their face, no budget and no solutions.  By the way today is National Budget Day or some such to teach us all how to live within a budget.  Hypocrisy?

Rules evidently are made for others to follow.  I say this in all honesty, I speed.  I have a real problem keeping to the speed limit – down to the speed limit.  I am usually anywhere from 4-8 over.  Well maybe a little more on occasion.  Yesterday as I was driving a wee bit too fast in a 55mph work zone, people were flying by me doing 70+.  I know as I was at the high end of 60!!!  Ohio is considering changing their speed limit.  Others could follow, though 55 in a work zone is probably wise!

Google has been the search engine of choice by many.  Me too!  It is simple and easy.  Well I saw much written Sunday on facebook about what Google had on its site.  Instead of an Easter greeting – not necessarily a religious icon it could have been an Easter bunny or egg – it had a picture of Cesar Chavez.

According to this article Google defended this choice by saying they often recognize historical figures.   In 2011 President Obama proclaimed March 31st as Cesar Chavez Day.   Google said that it has a hard time choosing how to change their icon and include a doodle.  The practice began in 1998 when the company founders changed the logo to a doodle while they were attending the Burning Man festival in Arizona.

Dana Perino, spokesperson for George Bush, thought it was an early April Fools joke.  Another pundit said it was ‘much adoodle about nothing’.

The author of the article ‘googled’ to find if any logos had been used to mention Jesus and it came up with zero.  I remember writing to Google in the last two years when they did not even recognize Memorial or Veteran’s Day with a doodle – do not remember which holiday it was, only that it was about Veterans.

There was much chatter on facebook and many will not be using Google anymore they say.  As for me I am going to try to choose or for the next while to see if I can really change my habits.  The infamous ‘they’ say that after 21 days a habit is broken or established so away we go – will see where I am on April 23rd.

I think the protest might just be worth the effort.  It is diversity after all!!!


Afterword:  As I went to post this I realized that my gmail address that I use for the blog is a google account.  Now this is going to be difficult.  Am I effective in a protest if I do not use the search engine and still the email or do I have to change it all.  Being a radical rebel is tougher than one may think!!!

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