Had a friend tell me that this is part of (if not THE) the most important holiday of the Christian calendar.  I am not so sure I would call Good Friday as the most important holiday.  The fact is that without the birth, death and resurrection of Christ we would have no Christianity so I am thinking they all work together.

I mentioned earlier this week that a most profound Good Friday service I attended all were invited to come touch or kiss the cross that had been placed in the front of the church.  This was full sized to what they thought the size of the cross would have been.  Other Good Friday celebrations are held throughout the world.  Many people will do the “Stations of the Cross” that commemorates Christ’s walk to Calvary.  In some areas we have lived people actually carry a cross a long distance to experience what Christ endured.

While I could not find it I know there was a TV show a few years ago about a couple of teens who were contemplating joining the Priesthood.  In this show these boys carried a cross for the distance Christ did and it took a toll on all of them.

While I did not find that story I did find a wonderful story about Junior Garcia.  Read it at:

I cannot imagine how hard this is for this young man.  The Huffington Post has a video.

He began his journey on June 7th in Texas and ended it in front of the White House on July 13th where he was given permission to have a prayer vigil.

One of the most powerful things I have heard about Good Friday was from a friend of mine.  They attend a week long mission in their church every Lent.  This one particular year it had been about Mary at the foot of the cross.  Can you imagine what she felt as her son was hanging and bleeding and pleading and then giving into His Father’s Will above her?  When I heard my friend share on some of the things that had been shared at this mission, my problems and struggles seemed very small.

Another Lent our church had a mission as well.  I will not ever forget Father Val in his sandals in the middle of winter in Maine standing in front of our church.  This man held his arms straight up from the elbow on either side of his body.  As he placed one arm over the other so that they formed a cross he said, “There is no cross without the crosspiece and that is there as a place for you to lay your troubles.”

Are you carrying burdens?  Today is a good day to lay them on the cross.


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One comment on “GOOD FRIDAY

  1. one thing i have never understood is how “good friday” good friday. he died today (i think)…then to be brought up on Easter. The other thing that is odd is, did’nt he rise 3 days later???? Easter is Sunday and that is only 2 days. not to nitpick just a commical search into the celebration

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