SNOW????? REALLY?????


Yesterday I was all about spring springing.  I look out my window now and there is snow coming down.  It is light and not sticking and yet it is cold enough out so that it actually is snowing.  This is the curiosity about weather.  Last night they said there was a possibility of snow.  I wonder if it will accumulate or just comedown and melt.

As a kid, or somewhere along my journey, I decided that this kind of snow in the spring was a ‘dump snow’.  It is like God is cleaning house and found some snow still stuck in a corner and is sweeping it out as it is light and soft.

A teacher named Jaquie Kurow came up with a lesson about weather misconceptions.  She listed the misconceptions below and the lesson plan and where the children found their answers.  Very clever.  I found it at:

Some of the most common weather misconceptions that children have are:

Clouds are sponges that hold water.

Clouds are made of wool or cotton

Clouds move when we move.

Rain comes from the clouds sweating.

Raindrops are shaped like teardrops.

Thunderstorms are really angels bowling.

There is only lightning when there is thunder.

Another site I found dealt with childhood beliefs.  It is:

This site shared, in the children’s own words, their misconceptions of weather.  Go look they are cute.  They included the idea that lightening is attracted to noise so we have to be quiet except the child spelled it ‘quite’!  They shared that clouds crashing created lightening or thunder.  Crashing clouds could create anything it seems!!!  Thunder was attributed to God rolling an empty tank over clouds.  It was God snoring.  It was St. Peter rolling wine barrels to the gates of heaven.

So in my offering of ‘dump snow’ maybe I am not so far off other ideas.  The flakes in this type of snow are large and fluffy and rarely stay.  Though as I see it ramping up and some clinging to the green grass I am afraid this may not be the end of snow this year despite it being spring.  Then again I AM a cock-eyed optimist and will look to this today as being the last snow – the ‘dump snow’ of this winter season – even on the 2nd day of spring as it is slowing down already since typing these words!!!

Growing up in Maine we used to say ‘if you don’t like the weather wait a minute and it will change’!   What a difference a day (or an hour) makes!



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