Years ago after March 15, 2000 I started writing a book.  One of the many ‘starts’ of books.  Completion is a word I have yet to see.  The title of this book was “Coffee with Beau”.  It was going to explore the wonderment of our first grandchild as he grew up.  I went to look for it on the stick that contains all the information from our old computer and it is gone.  This took me on a further search.  In the end I found lots of stories I had started and notes on others and a printed copy of the book for Beau – all eight pages of it.

Today, the Ides of March, is our grandson Beau David Niemann’s 13th birthday!  I simply cannot imagine it.  Truly where did this time go?  The story I started for him on March 25th, 2000 was going to be a gift for him.  In the introduction to this book, I wrote that the day before I had received three emails about family.  I wanted him to know my family story as I said I believed family is all we really have in this life.

I told him that he was very new to the world and had captured our hearts already.  I said ‘Love is like that – it happens.’  I went on to speak about my Great Grandparents and Grandparents, the town I grew up in and the island upon which the town existed.  It actually as I reread it would have been fun and still a bit boring.

As I sit here once again with a cup of coffee in my hand I am thinking about this little man now teenager.  Believe me when I say I know what love is.  I have loved and been loved.  It is not a new emotion to me.  Holding this new creation, our first grandchild, brought a whole new meaning to those four letters.

He came into the world with a huge scare due to some birth complications was airlifted to the local Children’s hospital.  One of the most wrenching times in my life was standing by our daughter’s bedside after his birth knowing that she had not held him and holding her hand as she cried.

The first time we saw Beau he was at Children’s in the neo natal unit and ever so tiny.  He recovered and came home and joy ruled and reigned until he kept crying.  Poor little guy had hernias that had to be taken care of at 8 weeks.  I used to hold him and sing to him which would help calm him down.  Now if any of you know my voice you might wonder why that would be calming.  Regardless the song “A you’re adorable, B you’re so beautiful…” sung in this raspy voice would usually calm him down as I held him tight.

He survived that, and my singing!  He grew up a little more.  He would come to our house at about age 2+ and run through the door arms spread wide and say “Grandmama, I found you!” like he had not seen me in years not simply a couple of days.  He would give me a huge hug.  Imagine my sadness when a few years later he informed me he was not a ‘kissy or huggy person’ anymore.  I still manage to be graced with both of these when we see him.

We celebrated every birthday with him until age 8.  At that point he was living in Texas and we had moved to Maryland.  They went to the plane to catch it to come for a visit only to get hung up in security and were late to the gate according to the attendant.  They were there in time – within ten minutes – and she had already closed the door.  It was rainy in Dallas and no other flights flew that day!  We were one heartbroken family.

He started school and did well though diagnosed with dyspraxia a little known part of the autism spectrum.  You would not know it.  This child is bright.  I watch him take legos and create with little or no attention to the directions.  Hundreds of pieces become the picture on the box.  He does not read books he devours them.  He is intense and beats most video games with consistent effort.

He is kind and caring especially with younger cousins.  He will do whatever is asked of him even when he sometimes does not want to do it.  An example was last year during Grandcamp.  It was paint T-Shirt day.  He was not thrilled and participated and made a  T-Shirt with swords and spears from Greek Mythology and put the words “It’s all Greek to me” on the back.  I thought it quite clever.

He even had the patience with me during Grandcamp to have the annual “Cousins Picture” taken so that I could have our three all in one portrait photo array.

He is in junior High and I know one day it will be High School and then college.  This first born grandchild can become whatever he chooses.  To me he will ever be a teacher.

He taught me how to be a Grandmama.  From the time he was sitting in his little seat on our kitchen counter he would giggle when I spoke to him.  His eyes would light up when I put my hands on his cheeks and said, “Say hello to your Grandmama” in a high silly voice or when I would say “Zoom Zoom” from the Mazda ad.  He loved it.

He taught me a new kind of love.  He taught me a generous love.  A love that can give and give and not ever run out of the desire to want to give more.  It is a love I believe that I had as a parent yet then I had to discipline to raise good kids.

Now as a grandparent I no longer am required to do that.  I now understand how my father allowed our kids to stand on tables.  My world for our grandchildren is a magical kingdom.  The only rules are to love and be kind to each other and make good choices.  It is a wonderful place to live.  Our grandchildren can do no wrong in my eyes.  My love is unconditional and forever.

I live from visit to visit when it comes to our grandchildren.  Right now I am enjoying the memories of our road trip last summer.  It was such fun and we laughed so much as Beau and I drove with his sister back to Maryland from Texas.  Three for the Road for two days!!  Free of parental rules all three of us!!!  I will see him and his sister and parents again in a few weeks for Easter.  I am betting this time he will be taller than me and that will bother me some!

On this day our Beau will turn 13 with the world ahead of him.  Such a gift for us and the world.  He is going to be some sort of scientist I am sure.  Whether it is computers or the stars he will do well.  I am holding him to the promise to create the ‘transporter’ ala Star Trek that he promised me years ago so we could be together whenever we wanted.   I miss him.

I also love him and wish him the best 13th birthday EVER!!!


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