As I was thinking of a topic for today the word randomness came to my brain.  I was not even sure it was a word.  It passed spell check so accepting that authority that it is real.

Yesterday we lost our bundle!  We had no phone, internet or cable TV.  I realized just how dependent we are on these items.  I wrote my blog with no way to post it and moved on to other things.  I wrote out some checks and a long overdue note to a dear friend.  I realized just how much time I allow myself to be tied to any of these items.

I got a lot done yesterday by simply choosing an alternative path.  I ran some errands, got lunch, and even at the end of the day made a wallet organizer.  This was a 6″x45″ strip of fabric that I sewed into a circle by sewing the two end pieces together.  I then covered, with a single faced binding tape, the ‘top’ edge. Once the top was finished I turned it inside out and sewed the bottom together.  I then turned it back out to finish it by sewing lines from top to bottom in varying widths all across to make pockets.  I now have a long strip of fabric 18″ that has various pockets.  One has a pen size, another big enough for my Paris notepad.  Another is big enough for my phone and another the size for aspirin bottle etc.  Instead of emptying my purse every time from now on I can simply take out my length of filled pockets and move it from purse to purse.  I think I can buy one of these for about $30.  Mine was free from leftover fabric!

I understand I managed to drive one of our children crazy with my Time posts.  It seems the words to “If a picture paints a 1000 words….” kept interfering with their day.  I claim no issue as I spoke of ‘Time in a Bottle’.  They went to the other song all on their own.  For once it was not my fault!

I searched for a gift for my sister for her birthday.  I like to come up with an idea and then both sisters and my brother get the same or similar gifts.  Like one year everyone got some form of worry box.  It was a box that allowed you to assign worries to items and be free of them.  One year it was music boxes.  One year books.  This year I am stymied and will inevitably be late again with the March 13th birthday.  The April and May days will be just fine once I hone in on an idea.

The symptoms I had are now simply a bad cough that seems to want to stay.  I am encouraging it by my foul language each time I experience discomfort to leave.   Hopefully soon it will no longer be part of my waking and especially my sleeping.

The Sequester is here and it is such a joke.  I understand that there is to be dire consequences looming.  We had the White House shut down for tours.  Really?  The dog handler and calligraphers earn $100,000 – couldn’t we simply fire them and use the money for the tours?  Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich have volunteered to raise and donate money to keep the tours open.  Now that seems like a good idea.  Save the government funds and allow volunteers to help out.  Why has no one listened to that proposal?  The President was offered oversight into how to direct this sequestration and did not want it.  Seems like he only wants to cast blame not solve the issue?

Lastly this day I am pleased to announce that I survived the springing forward junk.  The rain today will assure that flowers will start blooming up here soon.  I am headed south this weekend so will experience warmth in March.  Un-needlessly for me as I like the cold.  Spring is a nice time of year and will officially arrive shortly.  I pledge out loud to enjoy it aS you can be assured I will complain about the summer heat!


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