It is confession time.  I have had a horrid illness for the past week.  I mentioned symptoms earlier.  It is more than that.  I have to name this as a real cold.  Last Tuesday I had a tooth pulled and I swear the dentist put the germs right in the hole to haunt me.  I almost immediately started to cough and wheeze and have a sore throat.  I went to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist for something to help.  Did not go to the Doctors as that is where I believe I got this mess.  I am the only one in the household dealing with it.  The cough will not let go of me.  It is wrenching, it hurts and it sounds like I am on the verge of the last gasps of this mortal coil.  The worst is the lack of sleep.  I now understand sleep deprivation as torture.

The first words in my head this morning were the title ‘J’ai mal a la tete’.  It is French for ‘I have a headache’.  This is one of the few French phrases that stuck with me from my high school class.  (Reminder to self – do a blog about high school French Class) I am certain if I thought hard enough there would be more.  I checked it out on Google to make sure I had the right spelling.  Amazing search engine that one.  You can find anything there.  I found the phrase in an ebook written in the late 1800’s.  The link is:

Franz Thimm’s French self-taught: a new system on the most simple … – Page 70 – Google Books Result


I do not want to learn French as much as get rid of this headache.  It is also cold and rainy outside so am certain that the barometric pressure is doing a number on my sinus areas on top of everything else.  It creates in me a desire to simply go back to bed, pull the covers up and wish this all away.

When things go wrong in our lives is it not a conditioned response to want to go back to a place that gave us happiness and comfort?  Isn’t it a need in us to avoid the real and actual during hard times?  It is cold and rainy outside so I want to eat soup to warm me?  A child experiences a bully and wants comfort in their mother’s arms?  Doesn’t this make sense to want to remove the difficult and return to times when life was only good?  To a place where dreams were ahead of us and reality not in front of us?  To move onto another situation as you are tired of living in this one?

Perhaps that is the reason we have faith to fall upon in times of need.  Or we have the arms of lovers, families and friends to wipe away tears.  Or take us to dinner or away from pain.  Or run to the store and get us medicine.  We can comfort our children with tenderness or hot cocoa.  Color or play with them and help ease them from a hurt or sadness.  Compassion and kindness of anyone can help us to decide to move from defeat to hope.

My how the mind wanders when I simply have a roaring headache.  Yet I was having this discussion the other day with a couple of people.  The conclusion was that aging takes courage and growing up even after 60 can be hard at times.  The wisdom I have to share with you is that I keep a color book and hot cocoa handy at all times!  Couldn’t hurt!  Plus Crayola has more colors and there are monstrous marshmallows now!!!



3 comments on “J’AI MAL A LA TETE

  1. We’ve had it here in Florida, as well. The last 2 weeks have been hack – hack – hack; clear throat. A-HEM! I find we are often filled with self-pity when we get some sickness, even just the common cold. We must all crave that idealic balance pictured in slowly flowing streams with gurgling sounds and unicorns prancing on the bank of the stream. Hack – Hack – Hack. Well it is coming to an end for us. We have been properly drugged and dosed by the Nurse Practitioner at the CVS Minute Clinic. Thank God!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so lousy. In France, they say “La Vache” when something goes wrong. So put that into your vocabulary. It’s not blasphemous really, but it’s effective. Feel better soon, cuz.

  3. Just got over it while we were in Florida. I took Dayquil pills and Nyquill pills. That got me through. I hate the taste of the liquid stuff so went with the pills. The cough is what lingers and is the WORST symptom. It will leave you and probably come back next year right on schedule!!!!! But hey, I lost six pounds because I didn’t feel like eating AND gained it back on vacation. Such is life.

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