When I was a young child my mother would dress my sister and I in matching clothes.  We had shirt and short sets that were just alike.  One I remember was a plaid top with khaki color pants.  They were bought together and worn together.  We were not alone.  Another of my friends had a sister the same age as mine and sure enough – matching.  One particular picture I remember from the family album show the four friends on our way to camp two sets of girls in two sets of matching clothes.

When our children were very little there was Buster Brown clothing for boys and Polly Flinders smocked dresses for girls.  Our son was dressed in Buster Brown.  It was good quality clothing though a tad costly.  Then Garanimals were born.  I was amazed to see they still had a website.

About Garanimals

Garanimals was founded on a simple but unique concept: to help parents affordably dress their young children in comfortable clothing that is easy to mix and match. Each Garanimals line may be mixed and matched as separates, and the color and style mix and match with any piece within that line.

History of Garanimals

Garanimals was born in 1972 out of the idea that there is a positive connection between how children dress and how they feel about themselves.

The kid-friendly Garanimals mix-and-match separates makes clothes easy to pair and fun to wear. The Garanimals pairing system brings creativity and independence to young children as they select their own clothes and dress themselves. Through these small, successful decisions, children develop early feelings of self-confidence.

“”Garanimals…helps the pre-schooler to handle his/her own wardrobe. That sense of ‘I Can’ fosters the child’s growing sense of independence.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers

Today, Garanimals continues to be dedicated to its heritage. Garanimals clothing, now made for newborns as well as young children (up to 5T), provides color and trend-right silhouettes, and comfortable fit. Each line is carefully designed to provide kids with fashion and comfort while guaranteeing quality, value, and ease of shopping to parents.

Moms love the fool-proof simplicity. Kids love to look good and feel good. The Garanimals family would not have it any other way.

The safety of the children using and playing with our Garanimals products is our primary concern, that’s why all of our products meet and exceed all safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM). Before any of our products can be sold in North America, the materials, paints, sealants and all components that comprise them are tested rigorously by independent testing facilities to ensure their safety.

They were and are cute affordable clothes for kids.  I can still get them for our youngest grandson though he is quickly outgrowing the label.

I have been told I wear Garanimals.  I was probably programmed from that early age to wear matching clothes.  I buy pantsuits, unlike Hillary’s, that are the same color.  One that I own is a yellow sweat pant set that has the same color pants and top and the top has a lovely daylily on the front panel.  The pant fabric is a waffle weave and while the same color it is a different fabric from the top.  Another I have is really a tip back to the 60s and rarely is worn outside of the house.  It is a gray blue with embroidered flowers around the beck and pant legs bottoms.  Others of my clothes are either the same color or coordinating tops and bottoms.  I really do have clothes that do not match and still coordinate – I was raised to coordinate.

I admit it I am a throw back and wear Grandmama Garanimals!!!  Wonder if there is a self-help group for people like me???  Today it is a striped top with pants that match and have an anchor on the knee.  Not bought together and still match.  I give up!!! I accept the label!!!



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