I could not really imagine on June 1, 2012 that I would still be at this 274 days later.  I intended, I planned, I hoped and prayed.  I also know I have very little self-discipline.  I now can say that the majority of my goal is behind me.  Imagine that!!!

Along the way I have managed to see some growth in my writing.  I can see how I am occasionally taking a thought from point A to point B without hitting a million other points in between like a pin ball machine as is my custom.  I have to admit that I still allow myself to wander now with intention most times.  Still again rambling is part of my writing.  I love to use the grammar check.  I believe it is a good day when I get the “Fragmant (consider revising)” error more than once!  That is my voice.  I speak in fragments.  I know what I am talking about and it is good if others keep up.  It frustrates some.

There is a scene (see here I go off on a pin ball like detour) in the movie “Life With Father” that is a favorite in this house.  The clip is below for a ‘you tube’ of it.  This clip illustrates very clearly what I am talking about.  In this house when conversations are not being understood you might occasionally hear, “Well don’t you let them.”   This means we are not speaking the same language!!!

Back on track with my great day of reaching 3/4 of my goal.  I am pleased with my openness and surprised at some of my honesty.  Truly someday I have the sense that I am fighting for a heavenly cause to have people understand kindness and love and dare I say common sense.  You may not agree with the political positions I take and that is just fine.  I would hope that you could agree with a few plain facts that you cannot spend more than you take in and be successful.  Or that we were founded on firm beliefs.

I like that perhaps I have challenged some.  How can we as a society kill babies on one hand and cry for the poor on the other?  Well some can it appears, though where is the sense in it?  How can you be kind to strangers and unkind to your own?  If I have raised questions then it is a good thing.

The trivia is most fun as it has allowed me to explore things I did not know about.  After visiting Vampira this morning I am now going to look up why some blood samples are frozen.  We also bought a new fruit that I am going to investigate.  I love to learn and finding new info to answer a casual question is fun for me.  Perhaps I should have been a researcher?  When I worked in an insurance company I was in charge of booking travel for our agents and I really enjoyed that.  I could have been a travel agent.

The world of ‘could have been’ is full of people still wanting to learn.  Count me in!

What is next?  I am seriously thinking of compiling all of these – or a vast majority – into some form of anthology.   The political writings will be outdated for any sort of publication.  I actually put together a self-printed large font three ring binder for my father for his birthday.  I made it very large font so he might be able to read it.  I have a couple of cousins who have published books so I am thinking I can give it a whirl.

One hard part will be to decide which blogs to publish.  You could all help by noting your favorites if you want.  I envision it in chapters such with names like Fun, Faith, Family or Friends.  WOW!!  “The Four Fs”!  Do I have a title?  I do not think so – a start maybe!

The other hard part is the marketing of it.  Of course I want to be rich – why not!!!  It really would have been better to use the word richer.  I am rich in all that is important – family, faith and friends.  A little extra green would be a good thing.  Perhaps I could really buy the Cadillac Dad has always wanted instead of yet another navy blue match box Cadillac.  If I write the book  then it will all come together I am certain of that if that is the plan God has for me.

I also want to challenge myself in other ways.  Lots of newspaper columns are limited to 300 words.  Now this would be a real challenge to get my thought across with fewer words.  Going to try it though.  I also want to spread out to new areas of information.  Look into ideas and concepts that I have no real thought about so that I may learn.  I want to take up some of the challenges from wordpress.  I am not using this site to its fullest I know.  There still is the website I want.  I want to change my name from ktsquaredtreasures to something more streamline and focused.  I have much to do this next 91 days.  Deciding if I am going to keep a daily blog after may be the first choice!!!



One comment on “DAY 274 – THREE QUARTERS

  1. Congratulations on making it 3/4’s of the way toward your goal. You can do anything you set your mind to I’d be willing to bet. Keep up the great job and hope to see you soon.

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