This past weekend my husband and I participated in our ministry with Worldwide Marriage Encounter.  This is a weekend for married couples.  It has the potential to take good marriages a step further to even better marriages.  If you believe what we tell you it can keep your marriage strong intimate and great for many years to come.  The couples attending have a choice and most find themselves happily enriched with each other by weekends end.

There are occasionally couples that attend that have us scratching our heads as to why they came to begin with on the weekend.  It does not seem that they are interested in renewing their marriage or even spending time with each other as the weekend format suggests.  It leaves me speechless and frankly makes the weekend stressful as I want the others to not be derailed by their distractions.

We had one of those this past weekend.  The situation kept trying to push me and the others off ministry into doing a job.  I stuck to my guns following through with words that I can only say came from somewhere else to try to heal.  I came home tired and exhausted not invigorated as usual.  For one brief moment the thought of why am I doing this crossed my mind.  It certainly is not the pay of $0.00 though of course I am hoping I will reap a heavenly reward.

I got up and posted my blog yesterday and then spent a bunch of time catching up on the snowstorm and news on facebook before I got to my day.  What a storm it appeared to be.  The most fun was to see a video of my young cousins jumping from a hot tub to making snow angels and going back to the hot tub.  There were also pictures of our youngest grandson tubing down a slope after having been hauled up by a lift. Now that looked like fun!!! These were helping to move my mood from the negativity and tired to the positive.

Then I came across a post by our daughter that created wet spots in my eyes.  It speaks for itself.  It was really needed after the weekend I had just experienced.

Our Daughter’s post:

As I was going to sleep last night, I kept thinking about my grandfather. I was all of a sudden struck in awe of the perfect example of Christ’s love that he has been. He may not always be perfect but……………. He has buried two wives, and currently is married to my grammie…….He raised two little girls with the help of family. Then two more children after his second wife died. He has watched his children and his grandchildren not make great choices…….But you knew EVERYTIME you walked in the house, you would hear I love you and a receive a hug. Much like our heavenly father, He doesn’t always like our choices and when we turn away, He won’t chase us. He will sit and worry, like my grandfather. But the moment we return, we are received with open arms and now questions. I was just struck by the level of unconditional love I was shown as a child from my grandparents and then my parents. They didn’t always like my choices, but I never questioned if they loved me, I already knew. That great example of Christ’s love has been such a blessing in my life. Do I know everything about Him, no? Just like I don’t know everything about God. Some things are not for me to know. I pray that in my life I can show that level of love to my kids, my nieces and nephews and family. I may not love or even like your choices. And please understand, when I have to not be there, you are doing wrong and I can’t support it. But NEVER doubt that I LOVE YOU. I will always be here with a hug and an I love you……………Love the example my Grandfather has set forth for our family… Love you Grandfadoo!!!!

There also was a sharing from our son about a mayonnaise jar (http://en.avaaz.org/843/remember-to-make-time-for-the-really-important-things-in-life) and how we needed to take care of the big things and the little would fall in beside.  In a different sharing the same child asked me to read a chapter in the Bible.

Our second daughter, as quiet as she is, shared some inspirational posts as well on my wall this very same day.

“I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure” (Matthew 11:25-26).

God is indeed good!  Thank you my children for leading me this day!!!


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