I have decided I am a sprinter rather than a runner. Of course the fact that I never put on sneakers to do either is completely irrelevant. In this case I really do not like sneakers as shoes. I’ll wear anything else just not sneakers.

Think of the name ‘sneakers’. Who wants to wear shoes that have a name like that? Sneaking connotes furtive, secretive, slink, skulk or thievery. These are comfortable shoes I understand. They lull you with comfort to do furtive things? I know silly! I simply do not like sneakers.

I see people running or jogging all over the place. They are in parks or roads or on treadmills. Did you ever see one of them smile as they were doing this? Who wants to do something that has you grimace or sullen the whole time you are participating in this activity?

I looked up runner in the online free dictionary and came up with all these meanings.

run•ner n.

1. Sports One who competes in a race. 2.a. Baseball One who runs the bases. b. Football One who carries the ball. 3. A fugitive. 4. One who carries messages or runs errands. 5. One who serves as an agent or collector, as for a bank or brokerage house. 6. One who solicits business, as for a hotel or store. 7.a. A smuggler: a narcotics runner. b. A vessel engaged in smuggling. 8. One who operates or manages something: the runner of a series of gambling operations. 9. A device in or on which something slides or moves, as: a. The blade of a skate. b. The supports on which a drawer slides. 10. A long narrow carpet. 11. A long narrow tablecloth. 12. A roller towel. 13. Metallurgy A channel along which molten metal is poured into a mold; a gate. 14. Botany a. A slender creeping stem that puts forth roots from nodes spaced at intervals along its length. b. A plant, such as the strawberry, having such a stem. c. A twining vine, such as the scarlet runner. 15. Any of several marine fishes of the family Carangidae, especially the blue runner (Caranx crysos), of temperate waters of the American Atlantic coast. Also called blue runner.

Look at all these meanings. Toss out the ones about sports, the ones about furniture and floors and you are left with some sly meanings. Bank Collectors, narcotics smuggler, gambling, creeping vines and channels that move molten metal? All pretty questionable ideas? Smuggling- Gambling – creeping – who wants to be a runner?

Again I note who wants to participate in any activity that does not let you smile?

Now look at sprinters. The definition of them is simple. Not lengthy like that of a runner. The definition of sprint is ‘a short run at full speed’. A sprinter does small things quick and fast.

AHAH! That is me! Blogging is writing a thought in short form. Well except when I go onto many tangents. Then I can become a creepy vine entwining myself with words though, on second thought, there is usually one thought involved so still sprinting. This analogy is getting tricky. Sprinting does have an element of running as of course you are actually doing that activity. The difference is there is a short distance to the goal instead of miles. Sprints are usually referred to as some numbered meter dash. Dash is quick and short so the form of running to complete this is a sprint. PHEW! There back to the original short spurts which I believe are truly me.

I like water color painting vs oils as they dry quickly and you have to get your color down and set before the drying. It takes thought and quickness and in about 1 +/- hr you have a picture. Sometimes I have taken my time or a couple of days, not months or years, if it is an intricate picture like the fall landscape I did for our son-in-law. I used little water treating the medium more like water based acrylic paints than the sheer water color. Oh I’ll never be a master. I like to play with paints like any little kid!

When I take on a project I make a plan, carry it out.  I am all in and full of passion until it is done. Unless of course it is a lengthy needlework project like a quilt or embroidery piece. I lose focus and have to be reignited to do another sprint. Multiple sprints and the project is complete.

Like housework – oh so boring and my chosen field. I can only do it well if I look at it as a series of sprints. One room this day another the next. The laundry piles up and I get it done a sprint at a time. The trick is to not let it linger in the house or on my mind. Here I can fail and I can then feel pangs of guilt. Realizing that I am a sprinter is allowing me to let go of some angst. To know myself and to be able to divide things into pieces lets me sprint to the finish.

That is really me in a nut shell. I am a Jill of all trades master of none. This knowledge allows me to try many things and not have to worry about being successful at any. This way I have lots of fun and variety. Is not variety the ‘spice of life’? My life is thus pretty tasty!!!

The only place I can think of where this does not apply to me is in love. In this area I am an iron man. If I love you or call you friend I am there for life whether you like it or not!!!



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