I awoke this morning with not one idea but three.  I had three thoughts slipping in and out of my mind as I struggled to decide if I really wanted to get up or not.  It was early and chilly.  I hit the shower with this blog in mind.

The first thought was a vivid picture in my mind of a salmon colored tulip standing all alone.  I had the impression that I had seen it recently in the wild.  Since I have not been to the south and we have had snow cover I am guessing the picture is clear in my mind only.

The picture is so clear I could almost touch the green stem.  The tulip was not yet open.  Just beginning to spread its leaves.  You can still see the lighter colored veins on the petal.  The salmon color is not pink, not orange, not the color of a peach skin.  It was a bright clear color.  I had a sweater this color at one time. This color has a depth to it. If I were to paint it I would pick up some red on my brush and mute that with a touch of white to make it a pink.  I would then lob in a bunch of yellow to get to the right tone.  I used a red crayon actually on a white paper and added tons of yellow on top and the shade began to appear.

The simplicity of the picture makes it less interesting.  The tulip alone with a couple of leaves on the side of the stem as it sits on the side of the road.  Boring. It needs a bud vase or more of them in a pitcher.  It needs to be a gift to our third child the daughter from another mother. Tulips are her favorite.  Perhaps it was she I was thinking of in pictures this morning.

The second thought was a painting I want to do.  It is my hope I have saved the newspaper clipping.  It was a picture of a bridge repair going on in Delaware.  I am not an artist as such.  Some have said I have talent. I do not think of myself that way.  I paint.  If what comes out is enjoyable and looks like the model so be it!

I paint many things though stay with landscapes when I use watercolors or acrylics.   Pastel chalk or pencils find me doing more faces or plants or flowers.  Things you actually can touch.  Pastels usually have me ‘feeling’ my way around the subject.

The picture that I saw of the bridge had me thinking abstract for the very first time ever.  I could imagine a square of orange and a triangle of black and some spires of silver or grey to complete the whole.  I do not like driving or walking over bridges as they usually are suspended over something to cross.  I do love the symbolism of bridging the gap and our daughter is actually working to do that now that they have moved.  They believe they are on God’s path and yet struggles are impeding their travel. Perhaps she was in my mind this morning? Indian River inlet bridge

The last thought before I got up was the quiet.  We had our youngest grandson all weekend long.  Due to car issues we had him an extra day and got to deliver him to his school yesterday.  He is a busy 8 year old and full of fun.  We giggle a lot.  Well we giggle a lot with all three of our blessed grandchildren.  We simply see more of Calle then the other two.

It was more quiet in our house last night at dinner.  This morning no one is running in for a hug as I sit at the computer.  I used to have this desk on another wall.  As I sat the kids could see me from across the room.  All three of them would start a run and jump in my lap for a hug.  It was great fun.  As they have grown they now saunter in and hug me except for this busy 8 yr old who still runs and turns the corner on ‘two wheels’ or heels!!!

It is quiet in this house.  Since his dad is our son perhaps it was he that I was thinking about as I awoke.  Then again maybe the thoughts were simply that.  Thoughts of a tulip, paints and quiet.




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