I am so sorry about the double addendum yesterday.  Evidently I am still learning.  While I am so upset with myself for the error which I thought I caught in time, it only leads to remind me that I am imperfect.  This goes back to the respect post as well.  Got to slow down and take the time – perhaps I need to develop a routine for blogging.

Today as I post this I am filled with anticipation of this day.  I am trusting God once again to guide my life.  For me trusting God is positive and good.  I do what I can to plan and then let Him make the choice of a direction to walk.  Do not get me wrong it takes a lot of work to align my whole self with the decision to let go. Once I do all that then it is easy.

Have you seen the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies?  With the exception of snakes I love these movies.  What is not to like with Harrison Ford right???  In ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’ there is a scene where Indy is at the door in a cave.  He has to get to the door in the cave across the way and there is visibly no way to do it.  In view is only a very very deep crevice.  After a bit it is obvious he decides he has to simply place his foot out and go.  He can see no way forward and knows he HAS to go forward so he steps and a stone bridge appears.  He changed his angle to step and in that instance a different perspective of the area was revealed.  It included a bridge between the  openings.  The rest is the end of a really good movie it you have not seen it.

Sometimes all we need is different perspective and faith to move forward.  Thus the phrase ‘a leap of faith’.  Have you ever had to do that in your life?  I have many times.  I received some good results and some not so good results.  This is when I could see that the good ones were when I let things happen.  The not so good results usually were when I tried to help the situation some and interfered.  I believe at these times I interfered with God’s plan for me.  Others may have a different take on that kind of choice.  I know that my life is so much better when I do the work I can and then let go and let God’s Plan for me roll out.  Regardless of the end result I will know I have done all I can and have the right solution.

The feeling of letting go and letting God for me is a breath of fresh air.  It is like taking a huge burden off your shoulders.  It is the freedom of going out in the spring with a light sweater after months of heavy coats and scarves.  It smells fresh like the scent of an orange when you first rip into it to eat it.  This letting go is like falling into a soft cushy couch and ending up in a perfect position for a little nap.  It is a great relief.  If you have not ever felt this feeling I am sad.  It is joyous and free.

Tomorrow will be another day.  I will work hard each day to move out of the way so the freedom of faith I have today can be mine on a regular basis.  That may be the hardest job of all – changing my perspective to get me out of the way.


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