If I had not been seated when I heard Hillary Clinton say “What difference at this point does it make?” with her fists clenched during the Senate hearings I think I would have fallen down as if hit by a lightening bolt.  “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”  People were killed.  I wonder if that makes a difference?

I also heard her say “What does it matter?” when there was a reference to the reports after.  She seemed to believe it was not important.  The difference I believe is between true and false.  I watched her during the whole day of  her questioning.  (iron in hand much like Watergate) I was amazed at what she said she did not know.  I was stunned that she did not read emails from a ‘hot spot’ embassy.  I was amazed that at a question by Rand Paul about guns trafficking in that area that she did not have any information about it.  What information does she get – her travel schedule?

The news will report on this ad nauseum.  I do not have the intelligence nor the time to research this political and real situation.  I do have an answer to what difference does it make.

The difference it makes is between true and false.  Trust or not.  The difference is between knowing how to proceed in the future.  I think the quote is if we do not understand our history we are destined to relive it?  Isn’t it important to know what happened in order to plan a move forward.

How about her husband’s infidelities?  Did it make a difference there for her to talk with him?  Did it make a difference for her to ask him what went on? Did she not want to get to the truth of how the affairs came about?  In one case she called it a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’?  What difference would it have made had she had the right information.  Maybe it would have allowed her to not look so much like a simpleton.

Were we not as a nation told to leave her alone as they healed their relationship back during his Presidency?  She banished her husband from their bedroom to understand and they barely spoke for months according to their books.  What difference does it make?

What difference would it make?  For Mrs. Clinton personally the retrospection that I am guessing she did after the Lewinsky affair came to light probably made it possible for her to admit she loved her husband and wanted to stay married.  Or it was a more political decision.  Whichever it was the decision was not made without reviewing what had happened.

In any situation we need to look back in order to look forward with wisdom. I cannot tell you how many mistakes I have made in my life.  Too many to list.  I do not believe I am alone in saying that in order to move forward I had to review and analyze and understand what had happened.  It made a difference in my life.  Usually I was changed for the better from this exercise.

Once again it comes down to character.  If you cannot take the time to look at your mistakes or failings I might question the strength of your character.  A person who cares nothing for others I believe has little character.  They plow ahead fearing no retribution and if it comes slough it off like water off a duck’s back.  People of character are wounded by their failings and take time to reflect ask forgiveness and change to be better people.

What difference does it make Mrs. Clinton?  To you not much.  Unless you see it as a success to have completely joined the classification of ‘just another politician’.  I was in the 65% who liked you Hillary.  Moving to the 35% now.  Yesterday you revealed to me more of who you really are and the character that you lack.



4 comments on “HILLARY – WHAT DIFFERENCE at this point DOES IT MAKE?

  1. I think if Chelsea Clinton was killed it may make a difference on what happened and their would have to be “justice”.

    Interesting …. She takes full responsibility for something she doesn’t even know what happened.

    What a shame and liberals think conservatives are crazy for wanting to know what happened to how 4 Americans died. Small children were shot and it was tragic. 4 adults … Does it matter? Gun control is the hot topic because of the newtown murders even potentially changing the second amendment. But what difference does it make about these 4 Americans? The children were helpless and the Americans in Benghazi asked for helped and didn’t receive it?

    I don’t claim to know everything either. I’m just baffled.

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  2. Great blog today. I didn’t get to read it until just now but you sure hit the nail on
    the head. Makes you wonder who else we have in government working against the
    beliefs of the country we live in. Keep up the good work.

  3. Which would be proper English? What difference at this point does it make or At this point what difference would it make.

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