It is the day after the second inauguration of Barrack Hussein Obama.  He is once again the President of the United States.  He was elected with 51% of the vote.  When he comes to work today the office will look the same as it did yesterday.  There is one difference.  He will not have George Bush to blame for the facts and figures he sees before him this day.  This country is a country of his making.  He has been in charge for the last four years.  This mess is his.

I went to several polls to see what is being said out in our country.  I went to Pew, Rasmussen, Gallup, CNN and Real Clear Politics. The facts are:

2.1 million of our citizens are not working

55% increase in the Federal Debt

79% increase in cost of gas

46% increase in Food Stamps

23% of Americans are in poverty

17% increase in the cost of insurance

57% of Americans believe enforcing existing gun laws more important than making more

65% believe that guns rights are protection from tyranny

30% think we need more taxes

49% are not interested in spending more to fight Global Warming

49% should withdraw troops from Europe

26% of Americans owe more money this year

68% say cutting government spending is the solution to spending problems

72% expect to pay more for groceries this year

62% believe in across the board spending cuts

23% believe that Congress will work together

79% disapprove of Congress – 15% approval

40% disapproval for John Boehner – 26% approval

52% approval of President Obama – 43% disapprove

56.4% say the country is going in the wrong direction – 36.8% say it is the right direction

As President Obama starts his second term his rating is on the lower end of popularity.  Clinton and Nixon were 59%. Reagan was 62%. Truman 69% with Eisenhower and Johnson in the 70 percentile.  Only George W Bush was lower at 50%.

All these numbers refer to this country.  There is little in the above figures that have anything to do with our foreign policy.  Foreign aid?  Does it make sense when we are so much in debt to be giving other countries money especially when they are shooting at us? What about Benghazi?  Immigration?  Entitlements?

The GAO (government Accountability Office) came out with their report last week.  It was not reported widely.  They join the CBO and Federal Reserve in saying that we cannot stay on this unsustainable path of spending.  It does not lead to success.  Their report can be found by going to gao.gov.  The following are a few of the outtakes from that report.

-GAO’s simulations continue to illustrate that the federal government is on an unsustainable long-term fiscal path. In both the Baseline Extended and Alternative simulations, debt held by the public grows as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) over the long term. While the timing and pace of growth varies depending on the assumptions used, neither set of assumptions achieves a sustainable path.

-Significant actions to change the long-term fiscal path must be taken and the design of these actions should take into account concerns about the near-term impact on economic growth.

-In both GAO simulations spending for the major health and retirement programs will increase in coming decades, putting greater pressure on the rest of the federal budget.

America today is the one that President Obama created.  The Senate has not passed a budget in 1364 days – one of their jobs!  The House is being called obstructionists for calling for spending reduction.  Fifty-one percent of America elected Obama.  I believe America deserves more than what we have today and again pray that he listens to the wisdom of ALL that serve as our Senators and Representatives.  They are our elected voices.  We also need to let them know what WE, the 49% as well, want.  This is a nation of the people by the people.  President Obama works for us.

In ending his speech he said, “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”  As he continued his speech with a call for unity I hope he remembers his own words especially what he said about reasoned debate.

Chris Matthews called this speech his “Gettysburg Address”.  Bob Beckel said it was a great progressive speech.  Bob Woodward called it a “missed opportunity – odd speech – he threw out things in no coherent plan – a scattershot approach.”  Those were the Democrats.  Ben Stein called this speech ‘a trivial speech’ and went on to say it was small for the issues in this time. BEULLER!  BEULLER! BUELLER!



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