Yesterday someone said, “Tony Soprano died” to which I answered, “The man who played him?”  The smart allackey answer was “No, the character died.”  It was sad to hear that James Gandolfini died still the situation was worth a chuckle or two.  This fact has yet to be proven by the way.  He could still be alive and this could be another hoax like Morgan Freeman.  It was the situation that proves the obvious point of stating the obvious.

How about the wildlife newscaster that is showing polar bears mating and then tells the audience that the male goes off.  The narrator explains that the male is going to fatten up for the coming winter.  He continues to say that the female will deliver the new cub in the spring if she lives!  Really!  Can a dead bear deliver a cub?

The new coffee pot I bought elicited one of these remarks.  I was preparing to put it into action.  I loaded it with clear water then hit the button to run water through it to clean it.  From another room I heard, “You know you need to run a pot of water through it before you use it.”  Again Really?!

Why do we find it necessary to do this?  I was in line yesterday at a big box store.  The person in front of me had a repair.  The clerk asked the person when they bought the item while the clerk had the receipt in his hands.  He realized and quickly said that he could look at the receipt.

I am sure this has happened to you.  I am also as certain that you have done the same.  A comment was made in our kitchen last night.  I was getting my slow cooker ready to toss out and had the two inserts sitting one atop the other.  The question was asked, “You know you cannot cook with them this way and have to remove one to let the heat go through?”  I asked sarcasm intended, “Is idiot written on my forehead?”  We had to check!

I wonder what this is all about.  Do we think we are the only ones who know anything and have to tell others how to do everything?  Do they and have to tell us?  Is this a control issue?  Is it that we do not want anyone to make mistakes?  Is it habit?  Do we really think we are the only ones who know how things work or should be done?  Or done the way we want?

These comments are usually started with the words ‘Don’t forget to…’ or “Did you remember to…” or some other preface to tell a person to do something they already know how to do.

Then you have the painfully obvious like the statement about the death of Tony Soprano.  Hopefully the speaker (me) knows the difference and simply let words run out of their mouths.  Perhaps we need to speak less and think more.  They say we have two ears and one mouth to listen more than speak.

Sometimes I think these statements are Freudian slips such as the one Joe Biden made the other day.  Those of us who did not vote for the current President have a belief he will push his own agenda at any lengths.  Joe Biden said as much when he was talking about gun control and the use of an Executive Order.  Not sure the President planned Joe speaking out quite so early.  Joe being Joe stated the obvious as far as I am concerned.

It may also be obvious that I am struggling to come up with topics of late.  I have been told by a few readers that some of the last posts seemed to be light, not that interesting.  The obvious is that this is harder than I anticipated and I cannot hit a home run everyday.  The obvious is that I am trying and there is success in simply posting.  Not sure I thought it would ever be classic literature!!!  I appreciate all readers and all comments good or not so good.

I was thinking about that the other day.  The average book has between 40,000 -120,000 words in it.  At the rate of an average of 1000 words per day on May 31st 2013 I will have written 365,000 words or the equivalent of 3 books.  Stating the obvious – I have no idea what to write about nor do I think I could stay on one idea?  Oh well I am obviously…



  1. Trying to put myself in your shoes about topics to write about.
    I would tend to say,” Okay, folks it has been an adventure and it has been fun but now I am ready to move on to something else. Talk to you later.”
    But, knowing you , you will persevere sooooo may the topics keep coming.
    Love you,
    Aunt Becky

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