I know I told you that I was raised by a man who would walk by the living room mirror and say, “Who is the best looking man in town and why am I ?”  Superlatives were/are part of the vocabulary.  I have the Best Big Guy Grandson, the Best Young Guy Grandson and the Best Granddaughter.  Be the best do the best.  I was from the greatest state.  I, of course, am the World’s Best Grandmama!!   I thought I had written about this before and do not think I have.  If so forgive me.

When we left New York after the birthday celebration back in November we were coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel entering New Jersey and there was a sign that said ‘Embroidery Capital of the World since 1872″. North New Jersey Embroidery Capital of the World Since 1872 by Triborough Who knew?  I did not.  I was raised in Maine the Potato and Blueberry Capitals I thought.  Idaho and Hammonton, New Jersey disagree.  Last night I was listening to the TV and some woman said someplace in Texas was the Tomato capital of the World.  Our daughter used to live in Waxahachie, Texas which is the Crepe Myrtle Capital.  How many of these things are there???  Had to go look.

In fact Union City, New Jersey does make the claim of the ‘Embroidery Capital of the World since 1872″.  It is backed up by the facts the Swiss immigrants came over and the large embroidery machines followed.  The soil in Union City was bedrock and could hold the 20,000-40,000# machines.  I did wonder how they got them here from Europe and assumed unassembled and by boat and did not look further.  German immigrants brought more talented workers.  The proximity to the New York gave them access to the fashion industry.

These were originally a cottage industry with a machine in the bottom floor of the house and the whole family living above and pitching in to do the work.  In 1910 the shuttle embroidery machines in North America numbered 1020 of which 468 were in NJ.  There were 241 firms in the embroidery business and 140 were in NJ.  In 1990 the number was 1315 in North America and 669 in NJ.  Since 1995 there has been a decline as work has gone back outside this time to Asia and Latin America.  Trivia – I love it!!!

I have to now discuss the blueberry issue.  Once a gain as if no one knows I am a proud native of the State of Maine.  Maine says it is the ‘way life should be’ and the motto is Dirigo – ‘I lead’.  Well they do in Cherryfield, Maine being the Blueberry Capital of the World.  The Jasper Wyman Co. in Cherryfield has raked and packed blueberries as long as I can remember.

Imagine my shock when we drove to Hammonton, NJ one night for a meeting and passed by the sign that said it was the Blueberry Capital of the World.  Hold On here what was what?  I have to find the difference.  The Maine blueberries are smaller and grown in

in the wild in large fields.  The largest producer says,

“Jasper Wyman & Son is the leading US grower, packer, and marketer of wild blueberries and berry fruits flash-frozen, canned, and in juices.”

Hammonton, NJ has cultivated high bush.  You choose wild or cultivated?  That must be the difference?  Cherryfield, Maine IS the Blueberry Capital of the World!

Kennett Square, PA is the Mushroom Capital of the World.  This town is in Southern PA and just over the Maryland border.  If the wind is right and you are not too far away you can be blown away with the odor.  Not good!

Jacksonville, Texas says it is the Tomato Capital of the World.  Further the promo says there is no tomato like an East Texas Tomato.  We those Jerseyites are back in it here as well.  We heard when we moved to Maryland that there was nothing better than  Jersey tomato.  Not arguing here just pointing out the information.  Not only that Pittston, PA and DaniaBeach, Fl believe they are the Tomato Capital of the World.

Aroostook County in Maine for me has been the ‘Potato Capital of America’, and calls itself such,  as long as I can remember.  Then we have Blackfoot Idaho that has self-designated itself as The Potato Capital of the World.  To push the point they have a museum!!!  Go figure!

Waxahachie, Texas is the Crepe Myrtle Capital of the World we were told.  I surely seems it as lovely flowering crepe myrtles are everywhere there.  Many homes have multiple trees in their yards.  However, in my research I did find that Decatur, Alabama is trying to usurp this name.  Good Luck!

My head is spinning!  I wonder how many other Capitals of the World that we have in the USA?

Off to make spaghetti sauce for supper.  A few years ago I googled ‘Worlds Best Spaghetti Sauce’.  I found the recipe on the Oppenheimer Project (remember nuclear bomb) Website.  It is the ‘bomb’ for sure.  Who Knew!!!




  1. First of all, I think Sacramento is the tomato capital. Second, there’s nothing better than a blueberry from Maine! Flavor galore. Remember Robert McCloskey’s “Blueberries for Sal” anyone? There was a reason it occurred in Maine. And I’ll continue to hold on to that opinion. Third, your father–at least as a younger man–WAS the best-looking man on the planet. Hands down. Tom Cruise doesn’t hold a candle to him!

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