In the last couple of days my conversations with varied people have dealt with the end of life or the end of times.   We have talked about are we prepared, how will we handle it, am I ready like the Garth Brooks song – ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’?

I think I have shared quite regularly that I try diligently to say what I want to say that will uplift those I love and care about to not leave anything unsaid if I am not around.    Yesterday I read this question from a friend on facebook.

“QUESTION OF THE DAY – If the United States experienced an economic collapse tomorrow are you prepared? What would you do? HEY! Let’s get some answers, folks!”

Economic collapse or death have been much in the news and one some minds this last decade with Y2K, 9/11, mass shootings and general upset with our government.   We are spending more and getting less.  Look at our schools.  The cost of education is going up while literacy and test scores are going down.  The predictions are that we are looking at genuine default on our debt in the near future.  It may no longer be a rhetorical question.  We can only hope that the 113th Congress will be more realistic then the others.

People are going about their everyday activities and being shot.  Hurricanes happen.  Blizzards roar.  Natural disaster occur.  Even a loss of a job, financial mishaps, losing a loved one or our own death. Are we prepared?

The first response to the question (thank you Gary for asking it and letting me use it) was to trust God.  The responder asked if we trusted God enough to know that he will provide no matter what the circumstances are?  Well I am the first to stand up and say YES I trust God and KNOW that He has a plan for me.  I try very hard to follow it each and every day.   I think I have actually heard Him laugh at the plans I make for myself!!!

I also know the joke about the man and the flood.  A flood is coming and he is stuck in the first floor of his house and a boat comes by to help him out and he says, ‘no God will save me’.  He is on the second floor and another boat comes along and he answers the same ‘no God will save me’. He lastly is on the roof of his house and a helicopter comes by and drops a rope.  He replies with the same words.  He dies in the flood and when he gets to heaven asks God why He didn’t save him? God replied ‘I tried.  I sent 2 boats and a helicopter and you said NO.’  To me this says that God was asking the man for some action of his own.

I believe this is true that we need to do some of the work ourselves.  The poser of the question said it so much better than that.  Gary’s answer to the responder who said God will provide was “It is not enough to stand idle in belief and expect relief.”  The point was further made in the expansion of the answer using Noah.  God told him a flood was coming and to build a boat.  Noah did that to ridicule.  God did not build the boat.  It was Noah’s hands that fulfilled God’s words.

I believe it is not good to sit back and say as the responder did with,  “He helps those who follow His will for their lives. What I’m saying is that we should trust God enough to know even if there was a economic collapse we don’t have to stress because as long as we’re seeking God and truly living for Him all our needs will be met. It’s wrong for us to choose our own path and expect God to bless it.”

As much as I agree with following God’s path for my life I am also smart enough to know that God has no hands or feet in this life.  I have two of each.   Do I believe this country is in for a collapse?  Do I believe the end of the world is near?  Do I believe a civil war is in the offing?  I hope not to all of those.

I do however believe that we may be in for another blizzard or hurricane or some other natural disaster.  We cannot predict any of these either.  Hurricane Sandy went right over us.  We had some rain and wind unlike the devastation in the coastal areas of New Jersey and New York.  I keep our house in a state of constant preparedness.  I have to admit that I have taken other precautions of late in case of the larger questions excluding weather.  Ridicule me as you will!

The larger question on this Sunday is are we like the man on the house and the responder above and believe we have no responsibilities in this life to take care of ourselves since God will do it?  Philippians 4:19 says that God will supply all your needs.  I think we need to read the whole passage further.

Before 4:19 there are words by Paul saying that the people who are giving to him and each other by their actions are showing their love of God.  Did you catch it in there?  Their actions.  Their work.  Their doing.  We have to live God’s will for us while utilizing His gifts to us – our hands, feet and minds.

Our will needs to be in alignment and we need to choose what we believe God would want us to do.  We cannot get drunk and believe God is pleased when we get a hangover or ticket.  We cannot smoke like a chimney or overeat and believe we are taking care of the body God gave us.  There are consequences to our choosing, through our free will, not to live the plan God has chosen for us.  I am thinking that His plan for us would be to live a healthy life and make good choices for our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  Personally, I am hoping He rewards effort and does not demand success!

Today is Epiphany.  The day the Kings arrived to honor the baby in the manger.  Perhaps I can humbly honor this baby by bringing about a message of partnership with our loving Lord.  The Magi saw the baby and did not listen to their authority.  They did not return to Herod we are told they departed for another country.

So perhaps we can offer our gifts – hands, feet, mind hearts belief – to the Lord as the Magi did and then go about a different way.  We can TRUST God will provide and go get the food we need for our basements in case of a disaster or a neighbor in need.  We can TRUST that God will bring a job and diligently send out resumes to look for the one He wants us to have.  We can TRUST that God will provide for us to learn a new skill if we need to get that job.  We can  TRUST that God will provide and still take any government assistance necessary until we have changed our paradigm enough to get back to work so that we then can help pay assistance for others who are in need.  Sitting home and doing nothing to take care of any of your needs is not honoring God nor your fellow citizens.

It is the same with our country.  We were established, with faith based principles, by wise men who departed another way.  We have survived over 200 years being guided by our Constitution and laws.  I TRUST that God will provide what is necessary now to keep our country going.  Our job as I see it, the people who employ the representatives, is to let them know what we think.  If there ever was a time to be vocal it is now.  We need to be informed, aware and let our voices be loud so the President and Congress hear us.  I pray the 113th Congress has the courage, wisdom and strength needed to keep these United States Of America afloat!

On this Epiphany Sunday I leave you In St Teresa’s loving hands with her ‘song’…

Saint Teresa of Avila

You Are Christ’s Hands

Christ has no body now on earth but yours,

no hands but yours,
no feet but yours,
Yours are the eyes through which is to look out
Christ’s compassion to the world;
Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good;
Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now.



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