Can you think of a worse thing first thing in the morning?  It made coffee yesterday though the heating was iffy.  Since I rarely get to drink a hot cup of coffee the heating part was not an issue.  Today hit the button and nothing.  Hit the button again of course.  Nothing.  Fiddle with the timer/time button try again. Nothing.  Take it out of that plug and plug it into another.  Now mind you the clock is working so the plug is working.  I just had to try everything.  Nothing.  I hand it to my better half so he can get it to the recycle before they pick up.  He pulls off the cord for use later and off goes my coffee pot.

Now this would be a real dilemma had we not treated ourselves years ago to a Keurig.  I am sporadic in which I use.  Sometimes it is the full pot for multiple drinks sometimes the one at a tie and sometimes water for tea.  At least I can still have my coffee this morning.  Now what to do!

The what to do comes from my completely nonsensical dilemma of the Keurig.  Now do not get me wrong.  I like the machine.  The coffee it makes is good once you find your formula.  For me one small cup is to strong.  One large cup is still a bit too strong.  So I make one large cup and one small cup of the same KCup and it is a perfect taste.  I have the basket that fits in the cup space so use my own coffee not their KCups.

The thing that bothers me about the Keurig is the fact that the water stays in the well.  If you do not use it for a couple of days there is no way to get the water out..  If you use the machine daily of course the water is cycling through.  I am not a germaphobe by any stretch of the imagination, it is simply that sitting water seems unhealthy to me?

So the thought for today – the unwanted task – new coffee pot.  Which one?  12 Cup?  4 Cup?  Resurrect the percolator from the basement.  Go back to the on the stove coffee maker in the basement as well?

There are those out there who believe the only good coffee is a cup that has been made using a percolator.  Any one remember these? This is a coffee pot that has an electric cord.  Inside the pot is a hollow stem with a basket at the top.  The coffee goes in the basket.  The water is put in the percolator around the stem to the level of the basket.  It is cycled up through the hollow stem to come back down through the basket over and over until the time is up.  The perking (recycling the water over and over through the basket) ends and the coffee is ready.

The stove top coffee pot works the same way yet is heated on the stove not with an electric cord.  You have to be the judge as to how long it has perked for a good cup of coffee.  Had a glass Pyrex one once and that was terrific as you could watch the color!  Better yet if it boiled over and I caught it the coffee was perfect.  Not optimum yet making the best out of a bad situation.

What to do? What to do? What to do?  Hit the web to research then hit the store to buy.  Need multiple cups tomorrow as it is Saturday and copious amounts of coffee are consumed on the weekends!

Had not planned to shop this day.  Oh well most of the days in this new year have been filled with unplanned, some not so welcomed, activities.  Coffee pot here I come……….






3 comments on “THE COFFEE POT DIED

  1. I understand your dilemma but really, WOULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER A
    PERCULATOR. Ugh what awful coffee that would be! “Just my own personal
    taste but please not perked coffee!! Love ya,

  2. Your comments about the replaceable Keurig filter basket led me to study this on Amazon and EBay. Since we do not have a Keurig I never thought about it, but we have a “Keurig-like” device. The principles at work in a Keurig machine are identical to my espresso brewer. I have a Krups Two-Pot Coffee-Espresso/Cappuccino Maker. I can make single cups of regular coffee just like a Keurig without buying a Keurig! Thanks!! You saved me $100.

    If you are going to buy a second coffee maker, just by the cheapest on with a 10 or 12 cup pot. They all burn out eventually, so why spend $59 or $99 when you can get on for $12.99? Good luck!

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