Today is the 8th day of Christmas and somewhere there are 8 maids a milking with a smile as the Dairy Cliff was avoided.  We’ve survived 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, the 5 golden rings and the Fiscal Cliff as the new year slid over our stoops!  Mine was lazy and enjoyable.  How about yours?

Every year the Lake Superior State University of Michigan puts out a list of banned words.  This school located in Holland, MI is the smallest public University in the state with only 3000 students.  Since it’s inception the tongue and cheek list has banished over 900 words.

I can think of a few I would add to the list.  Then again I may want to check to see if in fact they are not on previous lists.  They accept submissions on their website. I am going to send them ‘at the end of the day’!  If I hear that one more time…..

It was hard to find a site that had the list with the words without the long explanations.  After effort I found it on this site.


Lake Superior State University’s 38th annual list of banished words:

• fiscal cliff
• kick the can down the road
• double down
• job creators/creation
• passion/passionate
• spoiler alert
• bucket list
• trending
• superfood
• boneless wings
• guru

The Lake Superior site- http://www.lssu.edu/banished/ -has them all with explanations.

I agree wholeheartedly to most words on this list.  If I never hear ‘fiscal cliff’ again I will be happy.  Even the word ‘cliff’ has taken on new meaning.  It was the same when everything became ‘war’.  The ‘war’ on women.  The ‘war’ of words.  The word war does have a real use as in WW2!

YOLO was a new concept to me.  I blame this on age.  Then again the idea has been around a long time.  Probably since James Bond books!  ‘Trending’ and ‘spoiler alert’ are less offensive to me.  These will probably hang out for a little while longer until they simply fizzle.

‘Superfood’ – well here you have a word that is not going to go away as more foods are engineered.  Then there will be those like me that still think milk, veggies, meat and potatoes – the regular unprocessed kind of food is super!

I have to take exception to a couple of them.  I am passionate and I live with passion.  It is hard for me to see these words on a banned list.  I thought guru went out in the 60’s.  Who knew?

Now ‘boneless wings’ conjures up one of my favorite funny greeting cards.  It is empty inside for writing a message.  The cover is the joke and it is visual with few words necessary.  It shows a large gate post to a ranch with the sign that says ‘Boneless Chicken Ranch’.  The only other things in the photo are chickens laying/hanging around in various poses that lets you know they have no bones in them.  Guess maybe you had to see it to laugh.

Lastly I do not like ‘bucket list’.  Do not believe in them do not have one will not make one.  The first time I thought much about a bucket list was when I saw the movie with Morgan Freemen and Jack Nicholson.  Heresy here, I am not a ‘Jack’ fan and Morgan I can take or leave.  The movie I liked!  The concept is acceptable especially when you actually have the money to make it work like they did.  Then again it is not the money that I dislike.

The idea that sticks in my head as an organized ‘list maker and crosser offer’ is what if I do not complete the list?  Do I fail somehow?  Do I have to write down things I want to do when I want to do everything I can to enjoy life?  What if I want to sit and watch a sunset?  Does that have to be on a list?  Years ago I might have put sky-diving on a list.  I do not want to do it now so what would I do?  Can one change my mind?  How important is this list really?

Sure there are things I want to do in this life.  I want to see more of the USA especially Alaska, more of Europe, Australia maybe, the Panama Canal and still more.  Do I need to write these down to do them?  List are real.  Dreams are ethereal.  Lists almost by their importance need work.  Dreams which connote hope are flimsy and fun.

I am certain I will not ever make a bucket list.  If I did the only thing that would be on it would be my ‘sink sentences’. It is a slip of paper that has been in a frame on my various kitchen sink sills since the early 1970s.

“If I had 24 hours for living, the things that don’t matter can wait.  I’d play with the children and hear all the stories,  I’d tell you I love you before it’s too late.”

I try ever so hard to live this.  I try to tell those I care about that I do care about them.  I try to make time, write letters, call so that those I love know that I care.  I want to end my life with no good word going unsaid and the bad ones won’t matter.

‘At the end of the day’ I have no need for a ‘bucket list’ as it is simple.  I want to live my life to the fullest. Why not!  To quote my gal, Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet…..”



2 comments on “EIGHTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS – DAY 2 2013

  1. I agree with most of the words…I would like to add Demegouge (sp) and Idealouge (sp), I cannot stand these words as the people who throw these around rarely know what they mean….and aside from Duck Dynasty, I would LOVE to see all the “reality shows” gone…ya know the ones that are reality but are really scripted. Storage wars, shipping wars, Pawn stars, hardcore pawn, and others, while some are mildy entertaining it is an insult to intelligence to believe some of the stuff is truly real….lastly..in the vein of tv shows, I wish the “hunter shows” (Ghost hunters, finding bigfoot, etc,etc) Would actually come out with some realistic evidence they have found something, ANYTHING. I do believe bigfoot and ghosts are real, don’t get me wrong but I cannot bring myself to take funding for some tv show in which I run around like an idiot fully knowing I will not find anything….the things that ARE to be found happen by chance….If I think I am going to “trip” over a bigfoot while running around in the woods with 4 buddies (non of whom have combat,tracking,or survival skills) and a FULL camera crew…then I AM THE IDIOT or the idiot watching the show….but I must admit, i can’t help myself sometimes.

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