Today the world is supposed to end at 11:11AM or is it 11:11PM there are two of them?  I posted on my facebook timeline that I believed if we survived Y2K that we will have no problem surviving the end of the Mayan Calendar.

USA Today answered the question below.

Q&A: Is Friday Doomsday? Ask an expert Thursday at noon

The ancient Mayans, who ruled throughout southern Mexico and Central America until about 900 A.D., used three calendars, one of which was the Long Count Calendar that completes a major cycle on Dec. 21, 2012. Some today have claimed that the date signifies the end of the world, while scholars say it is merely the beginning of another cycle.

The Mayas still exist today as a diverse number of indigenous peoples, some of whom still speak the Maya language.

The end of the Mayan calendar put the spotlight on a people known for human sacrifices but celebrated for their past prowess in subjects such as math and astronomy. Today they live largely on the margins of the lands conquered by the Spaniards beginning in the 16th century.

The Mayans across the YucatánPeninsula were in rebellion throughout the later half of the 1800s, angered at discrimination and being treated as slaves by those of European descent. At the church here, they looked upon the “Speaking Cross” as an oracle in what is known as the War of the Castes. The Mexican army ended the uprising in 1901.

Ek, who conducts a Mayan form of Mass at his church, plans to mark the new calendar with prayer and traditional ceremonies, which he says many Maya have abandoned for other faiths, along with their language. He says this rejection of their culture might bring plagues, disease and drought.

Yet most people, says local museum guide Karla Chan Poot, “are receiving Dec. 21 with calm.

“People believe that they’re going to see a change, in humanity, in our thinking, that there should be a return to nature,” Chan says. “This won’t be anything like the world ending, or a meteor crashing, or extraterrestrials arriving,” or anything depicted in the popular culture or movies.

News of the pending end has reached people here, like aspiring Mayan artist Marco Poot Cahun, who incorporates doomsday talk into his monologues – which he delivers in Maya.

I think I am not going to worry about it at all.  I will continue with Christmas preparations and enjoy the day.  It rained very hard all night last night and is still very wet out there today.  Wishing it were snow for Christmas.  In the meantime I am looking around at our world today.  This is what is going on as I see it.

I do not want to negate the horror that happened last Friday.  My heart is still heavy as are many others.  I know America will come through this as we have tragedy so many times before.  Our America is a wonderful place and we need to hold her high as well.

We are looking at a fiscal cliff.  Are we going to go over it?  I have no idea.  I know we all have to get more honest with ourselves about what actually is going on in this government.  From the President right down to the congress and it’s members.

The President


Sept. 11th Benghazi consulate attacked at 4/5PM EST

There was no protest in Benghazi

Administration says it was due to a film

Susan Rice knew details before appearances Sunday September 15th

Failure in State Dept.

Libyan guards being blamed

Libyan guards on strike over salary and working hours

Sept 12th President speaks in the Rose Garden 10AM and does not call it terrorism and           flies to Vegas

Sept 12th President tells Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes it is too early to call it terrorism

Sept 25th the President still says Benghazi is a reaction to a film


It took 14 days to come out with clear information.  The final report came out this week – 4 months later.  The report shows there were errors, seems to blame Chris Stevens the Ambassador and says the State Dept. had systemic problems.  The result is?  Four citizens were killed for goodness sake.  Is it true that this did not come to focus as it was during the election?  Or is it to the ‘2016’ movie that this is what Obama really wants?  Where is the accountability?


October 29th hurricane Sandy hits

October 29th the President warns all in Sandy’s path to prepare

October 31st the President goes to New Jersey/the President says he will do anything and         cut red tape


This took the President 3 days as opposed to the 14 of Benghazi.  Great photo ops and during an election.  Was this a plus instead of Benghazi?


Friday Dec 14th the President is told about the killings in CT an hour after they occur

Friday Dec 14th the President speaks out about the killings over Television at 3:16PM

Sunday Dec 16th the President speaks in CT

Wednesday Dec. 19th the President speaks out against gun violence and presents a gun             control initiative for proposals by January – IT IS NOT JUST ONE THING!!!


How come the President spoke so quickly after this horror about following it and we did not hear from him after Benghazi for 16 hrs?  What did he know and when?  What do you think the families of the four killed in Benghazi are thinking about the lack of the Presidential voice after their tragedy and his very vocal comments after Sandy Hook??

The Congress:


Entitlements must be reviewed and modified

They must find ways to cut spending

Earmarks must stop –    Hurricane Sandy legislation has pork in it and the actual funds to help the hurricane victims total only a third of the whole bill!


example from the article:

….the Sandy emergency spending package includes $150 million for fishery disaster areas in Mississippi and Alaska; $20,000 for a new car for the Inspector General of the Justice Department; $10.8 billion for the Federal Transportation Administration; and cancellation of loans related to Hurricane Katrina. It also contains $4 million for repairs at the KennedySpaceCenter and $3.3 million for the PlumIslandAnimalDiseaseCenter.

Read more:


Fact is we need common sense.  We need a bill that says “We the Congress vote $XXX to help people in NY and NJ due to Hurricane Sandy.”  End of bill!!!  Obamacare was so long that Nancy Pelosi is famous for saying you had to pass it so you can read it.

Then there is the Fiscal Cliff.

We need common sense talk not double speak.  This is not a tax cut!  The Bush tax cuts which Obama adopted are expiring.  This tax has been the rate for the last ten years.  If these cuts expire the tax rate will go back up.  This Folks, is a tax increase no matter how they want to play it.

Imagine it in family terms.  You have an outstanding credit card that is higher than anything you have in your savings account.  How are you going to pay that down?  You have reached your limit.  You can charge nothing more.  The answer is to spend more money? I don’t think so!


We have FortHood still being classified as ‘workplace violence’.

The President said Al Quada is dead and the report on Benghazi says it is not.

A Fast and Furious gun showed up in Mexico beside the dead body of a beauty queen.

Did Hillary really have a concussion or did she want to wait until the report was out? Did she have ‘Benghazi flu’?

If Gerard Depardieu left France due to a millionaire tax will highly taxed wealthy leave this country?

How does the President connect hurricane Sandy and the deaths in Sandy Hook with making good choices in Congress as he did in his news conference?  made no sense when I heard it?

In his own words, “After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

What does it say that WalMart sold out of assault gun?  Then again if a gun can kill aren’t all guns assault guns?

If the world ends today at 11:11AM all this is moot.  If it doesn’t then we need to get to work.   Call or write your Congress people!!!  They work for us – remember of the people by the people!

I am writing an entry for tomorrow.  See you then.  In the meantime I am going to focus on Christmas and the good things in our world and I am still…



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