The title of this entry is from the Bible.  It is in Isaiah 48:17-19.  It was part of my scripture reading on Friday the 14th.  This was the day the shooting happened in Newtown, CT.  Is it something we should be paying closer attention to as we review this horrid day?

Since the shooting I have heard from dear friends that their family who live in that town were okay.  I knew their family was in Connecticut and never made a connection.  I did quickly look up where our niece in Connecticut lived referencing Newtown.   She was over 20 miles away so I assumed her children went to a different school.  Sad when you think that they may know people who were directly effected by this tragedy.  Heavens as I told my husband we had stopped for lunch at a Subway in Sandy Hook last year.  It was a quaint little village.  No man is an island is a recurrent theme.

When a tragedy like this occurs we look back.  We have been hit by many tragedies in the last 20 years.  The bombing in Oklahoma City took 168.  In the attack on 9/11 there were @ 3000 deaths.  We can go down a list from Columbine in 1999 with 13 souls lost, Red Lake 7 souls, Virginia Tech 32 souls, Northern Illinois 5 souls, Oikos University 7 souls, Aurora CO with 12 souls, January 2011 Gabby Gifford was shot with 6 souls, the two souls at the Oregon Mall and on Friday there were 26 more souls.  This does not include the injured or the people effected emotionally by these incidents.  When is enough going to be enough?

That is just this country.  There were 87 killed at a summer Camp in Norway in 2011.  Babies were stabbed in a daycare in Belgium.  Is anyone aware that on the same day Friday the 14th 22 people were harmed in a violent stabbing attack in China.  It seems in the past few years school stabbings are up in China and more authorities are now going into their schools.

In math we were told to take a problem and bring it down to a common denominator.  Is there one in all of this violence?  Who can understand the mind of madmen who carry out such evil?  I certainly cannot.  To bring this down to a simple common thought might I suggest, this being Sunday, that faith is lacking?

Do not the majority of faiths have as their guiding principles to love our neighbors and live in peace with all of those around them?  I quickly looked through faiths from Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, to the Jews and Deism including as many as I could.  All call for love and/or respect for others.  All speak to good over evil.  If we believe in these values how can we be killing our brothers?  Could it be that we have strayed far from the basic tenets of our faiths?   Have we forgotten that if we have good then there is also bad.  Have we forgotten that every action has a consequence?  If so how do we change/restore? More questions.

I will put forth ever so cautiously that if we as a society do not find a way to change our behavior, we will allow EVIL to rule our world.  Despite Sir Isaac Newton’s scientific theory that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I put forth that good brings good.  A negative pole cannot adhere to a negative environment.  A negative pole can  only adhere to a positive.  If all the positive in the world would come forth wouldn’t it smother the negative.  If we actively speak and put forth all of the good our faith gives us would we not be a better world?

I leave this morning with two things.  One is the greatest hoax’s in all the world is that Satan has convinced people that he does not exist.  The second is one of my favorite Church Signs sayings.  It is, “You know that love thy neighbor stuff?  I meant it.  Love God”.




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